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WWE 2K23: How to Cash in Your Money in The Bank on Universe Mode


Of all of the different types of WWE matches there are, few get me as hyped as the Money In The Bank matches. Having a briefcase full of money on the line for the winner to win and also smack other wrestlers in the face with is… just such a crazy entertaining idea. Who doesn’t want a briefcase full of money?!?!


  • I know I definitely would, and that’s why I like to gravitate towards that type of match in WWE 2K23. If you also get a kick out of playing a Money In The Bank match with your friends, there are a few techniques you might like to know to get the upper hand on them. If you think you know everything about WWE 2K23, then please feel free to close this guide and go elsewhere. But if you want to learn and become a more powerful digital wrestler, then join me as we bring you yet another WWE 2K23 guide. This time, it’s about cashing in that sweet, sweet money in a MITB match.


  • For the purpose of this guide, we will be playing in Universe Mode. The first step you want to take to cash in early is to head over to the Universe page, then MyUniverse, and then to options to get a look at the settings menu. Then you want to scroll down until you see the cash-in options towards the bottom. For mid-match cash-ins, you’re going to want to make the associated option higher than the ones surrounding it. Setting that one to 10 and the one above & below to 1 will be enough.


  • Now you have to edit the show. Head over to the SmackDown options page, go to edit championships & MITB, and make sure you’re familiar with who your particular Universal champion is, as well as who the MITB holder is.


  • Now it’s time to set up the match. Make sure your Universe champion is selected, and proceed with a MyUniverse SmackDown match as you normally would. Then, about halfway through the match, you will see an option in the pause menu to cash in. Selecting this will bring in whoever the holder of the MITB briefcase is, and they will join the match for a three-way bout. And with that, you’ve cashed in mid-match!


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