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How to Throw an Opponent Off Cell in WWE 2K23


WWE fans, hold on to your hats! The Hell in a Cell matches in this sensational game mirror the real-life wrestling showdowns, offering an unparalleled, pulse-racing experience that’s second to none. Forget about the humdrum steel cage matches where it’s all about escapingโ€”this is an entirely different beast!


Your path to victory lies in mastering the art of pins or submissions. Picture the Undertaker’s awe-inspiring Hell’s Gate or John Cena’s unyielding STFโ€”those are the game-changing moves that’ll propel you to stardom.


  • Now, to set the stage for an unforgettable clash, you’ll need to break free from the Cell. After all, the action’s at its peak when you’re on top, right? Time to flex those muscles: slam your opponent into the merciless cage walls, or unleash a Cell Breakout Finisher with a swift R2 + X on PlayStation or RT + A on Xbox. Presto! The stage is set.


  • Next, scale the cell by pressing R1 or RB, and steel yourself for a heart-stopping face-off. Just be sure your opponent tags along to the topโ€”after all, that’s where the magic happens!


  • With both warriors atop the cell, it’s time to channel your inner titan! Unleash a barrage of attacks, leaving your foe disoriented & vulnerable. Then, snatch them with B or Circle, and initiate the spine-chilling drag towards the edge of the cage with a firm L1/LB. The crowd goes wild as you take the spotlight!


WWE 2K23: How to Break the Ring


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