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WWE 2K23: How to Play Special Referee Matches


Special referee matches have always been a big hit in WWE video games. This mode lets you jump in as a referee, adding a cool twist to the gameplay. WWE 2K23, the newest game in the series, brings back the special referee mode, but it’s got a few changes from the past games. In this guide, we’ll break down how to set up special referee matches in WWE 2K23.



Head to Community

Creations Kick things off by going to the Community Creations feature in WWE 2K23. You can find this in the main menu under “Community Creations”.



Look for Custom Shows

In the Community Creations menu, hit “Custom Shows” and search for shows with special referees. These shows are made by other players, and you can find ’em by searching with keywords like “special referee”, “custom shows” or the creator’s username.



Grab Those Custom Shows

When you find custom shows with special referees, go ahead and download them. Feel free to snag more than one show if you want.



Hop Back to Exhibition Mode

Once you’ve got your custom shows, head back to the main menu and pick “Exhibition Mode”.



Choose Your Custom Show

In Exhibition Mode, select the custom show you downloaded. This will let you play special referee matches using the custom show.



Pick a Superstar as Referee

Before the match starts, choose a Superstar to be the special referee. You can pick any Superstar from the available options. Once you’ve chosen the referee, get the match going.



Play the Match

In the special referee match, you’ll be controlling the referee instead of any of the Superstars. You’ll have the power to count the pins, check for submissions, and disqualify Superstars if needed. The gameplay mechanics are similar to regular matches, but you’ll have a unique perspective as the referee.



Rinse & Repeat

If you’re craving more special referee matches, just repeat the process by downloading more custom shows that include special referees. You can even create your own custom shows with special referees.


Remember, custom shows with special referees won’t work in Universe mode. You can only use them in Exhibition mode.


To wrap it up, special referee matches in WWE 2k23 can spice up your gameplay, and they’re pretty simple to set up.


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