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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Pull Guard

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Pull Guard

Pulling guard is all about getting your opponent right where you want them, down in your guard, so you can work your ground game magic. It’s a killer move if you’ve got the skills to back it up -> especially if you’re slick with your submissions.



Denying the Guard Pull – Keepin’ it Real

First things first, you gotta know how to shut it down when someone tries to pull guard on you. Hit that R2 (or Right Trigger on Xbox) to deny it and keep the fight on your terms.



Everybody Can Pull Guard, But…

Here’s the deal: every fighter can pull guard, no special tricks required. But if you wanna flip the script and turn that guard pull into a mount reversal, you better have level three BJJ takedowns or higher. Some fighters might bend the rules a bit here, but that’s the general idea.



Getting Into Position – Dominant Over Under

To pull guard, you need to be in the dominant over-under position. The most common way to get there?? Bail on a takedown, specifically the double leg. If you need to know if you’re in the right spot, check if your hands are locked in the over-under position. That’s your green light.


  • From Orthodox: Hit R1 + Square


  • From Southpaw: Hit R1 + Triangle


And boom, you’ve pulled guard and got your opponent right where you want them, down in bottom full guard.



Mount Reversal – Flipping the Script

If you’re feeling fancy and want to turn that guard pull into a mount reversal:


  • From Orthodox: Hit R1 + Triangle


  • From Southpaw: Hit R1 + Square


Remember, it depends on your stance, so keep your head in the game and pay attention to where you’re shooting from.



Other Ways to Pull Guard

You can also get into position by shooting for a takedown from the clinch, bailing on a double leg, or coming up from a bottom sprawl. Usually, the guy who was on top ends up with their hands locked, so keep that in mind.



The Sneaky Guard Pull to Triangle

If you’ve got level three triangles, you can pull off a sneaky guard pull straight into a triangle:


  • Just hit L2 + R1 + Triangle (don’t sweat your stance here).


This is a deadly move thanks to the Transitions Base System. You can strike from this position & deal some serious damage, making it a real threat in UFC 5… Plus, you can transition right into an armbar if you’re feeling extra sneaky.


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