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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Throw Spinning Strikes

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Throw Spinning Strikes

What’s up, fight fam?? It’s time to level up and get your spin game strong in EA Sports UFC 5! Whether you’re rockin’ an Xbox or PlayStation, we’ve got the lowdown on how to lay down those spinning strikes that’ll have your opponents seeing stars; so grab your controller and let’s get this party started!!



Basics: Gettin’ Jiggy with the Spins

Alright, peeps, we’re kicking things off with the ABCs of spinning strikes. This is your bread and butter, the foundation you gotta have on lock.



For Xbox Heads:

  • Rear Spin: Hit up A + B.


  • Lead Spin: Quick tap on LB, then roll with A + B.



For the PlayStation Squad:

  • Rear Spin: Nail X + Circle.


  • Lead Spin: Touch L1, then flow with X + Circle.


Remember it’s all about rhythm and flow. You gotta be smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. Hit up practice mode to get those inputs just right. If your fighter doesn’t have a particular move, they’ll just do a little twirl. So make sure you know your stuff!!



Special Spins: Showstoppers

Now for the grand finale, the moves that’ll have the crowd on their feet and your opponent wishing they stayed home.



Xbox Controls:

  • Spinning Hell Kick: A + B, then hit A again. Think of it like you’re trying to kick a soccer ball into another dimension.


  • Spinning Elbow: A + B, followed by X.


  • Lead 360 Tornado Kick: A + B, LB + A. This one’s like you’re trying to spin and high five the air.


  • Body Jumping Spin Kick: A + B, RB + B.


  • Body Spinning Side Kick: A + B, B.



PlayStation Controls:

  • Spinning Hell Kick: X + Circle, then X again.


  • Spinning Elbow: X + Circle, Square. Imagine you’re elbowing a giant balloon away from you.


  • Lead 360 Tornado Kick: X + Circle, L1 + X. This is like doing a twirl and throwing in a high five for style points.


  • Body Jumping Spin Kick: X + Circle, R1 + Circle.


  • Body Spinning Side Kick: X + Circle, Circle.


Not every fighter has the same toolkit. Check the move list under “spinning strikes” to see what your character brings to the dance floor.



Quick Tips

Keep ‘Em on Their Toes

You gotta keep it fresh and unpredictable, man. Toss out a few jabs and quick kicks, play a little hard to get, and then WHAM! Hit ‘em with that spinning strike when they least expect it.



Surprise Attack, Baby!

Wait for that perfect moment, like right after a clinch or a takedown -> as they’re picking themselves back up, hit ’em with a spin move outta nowhere. They won’t know what hit ’em!!



Don’t Get Caught Slippin’

Look, spinning strikes are dope and all, but they can leave you hanging if you whiff. If your opponent is slick and dodging everything you throw at them, maybe cool it with the spins and keep it simple.



Peep the Pros

Take a hot minute to watch how the real fighters do it, or tune into some gaming streams. You’ll see exactly how & when to throw those spinning strikes for maximum impact…



Watch Your Gas Tank

Spinning around like a top is cool and all, but it chews through your stamina like nobody’s business. Keep an eye on that stamina bar and make sure you’ve got enough gas in the tank to throw down or protect yourself after letting a spin move rip.


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