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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Deny All Transitions – Tips and Tricks

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Deny All Transitions - Tips and Tricks

Yo Fight Fans! You ever find yourself getting schooled on the ground in UFC 5, wondering how they keep slipping through?? Chill… You’re about to get the 411 on shutting down those transitions.



The Ground Game: It Ain’t Just Tapping Buttons

You hit the ground in UFC 5 things start heating up. You got this grapple HUD right? It’s flashing directions like up down left right like it’s some secret Morse code. Get to know it & make it your bestie.





That Combo? It’s Fire: Right Trigger & Stick

Here’s the real talk. The right trigger & right stick on your controller that’s the magic potion. Whether it’s R2 RT whatever console it doesn’t matter you gotta master this duo if you wanna dominate.



Camera’s Got Clues

This part’s crucial. Keep your eyes glued to that screen & figure out what your opponent’s up to. They moving left? That’s your cue to deny left. They trying to be slick going right? Deny right no questions asked.


And that camera -> it’s like your guardian angel. If it’s leaning left? Boom you know you gotta deny left. Trust the vibes it’s giving you.



Position Game: Know Your Moves

Now it’s time to get real technical… Each position in UFC 5 it’s like a dance & you gotta learn every step. From full guard to back mount it’s all a rhythm.


They lean left the camera sways left & guess what? Deny left. They trying to trick you moving right? Switch gears & hit that deny right. Always stay ten steps ahead.



Rise & Grind: It’s All About Reps

Remember champs aren’t born they’re made. You wanna be the best in UFC 5? Then put in the work. Keep grinding & those denials will become second nature.


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