EA Sports UFC 5: Boxing Guide - Tips for Getting Better at Boxing - Magic Game World

EA Sports UFC 5: Boxing Guide – Tips for Getting Better at Boxing

EA Sports UFC 5: Boxing Guide - Tips for Getting Better at Boxing

Setting the Scene

Alright, before we dive into these killer combos, gotta make it clear—this ain’t Tekken or Street Fighter. You can’t just go ham on the buttons and expect to come out on top. Nah, you gotta be slick, use that noggin, and pick just the right time to lay it down. Don’t go wild with the combos; use your jab (Y/X or Triangle/Square) to set the stage and open them up. It’s all about fight smarts, ya feel??



The Jab-Hook Classic

First on deck, we’ve got the trusty jab-hook. It’s basic, but man, does it get the job done. You start off with a jab (X/Y or Square/Triangle) and swing in a hook (LB + X / LB + Y or L1 + Square / L1 + Triangle). But hold up, don’t just fling it out there willy-nilly. Toss a few jabs, keep ’em guessing, and then wham! Drop the jab-hook on ’em. Mix it up with a straight (B/A or Circle/Cross) before the jab-hook to really throw ’em for a loop. And if they get hip and start backing off, flip it to a jab-straight-hook (X, B, Y / Y, A, X or Square, Circle, Triangle / Triangle, Cross, Square) to catch ’em napping.



The Head Movement Hustle

Next up, we’re gettin’ fancy with some head dodges. Wait for them to throw a jab-hook; then duck back, and hit ’em with a body hook (LT + LB + X / LT + LB + Y or L2 + L1 + Square / L2 + L1 + Triangle), a lead hook, and cap it off with another body hook. This combo is killer, especially for those jab-hook spammers. Make ’em regret it with this slick counter…



The High-Low-High Dance

This combo’s all about keeping ’em on their toes. Hit ’em high, dip low, then finish high; kick it off with a rear uppercut (RB + X / RB + Y or R1 + Square / R1 + Triangle) -> drop to a lead body hook (LT + LB + X / LT + LB + Y or L2 + L1 + Square / L2 + L1 + Triangle) and close it with a rear hook… This combo’s gonna have their heads spinning, not knowing where to guard next. And remember, hit and run—don’t be that noob standing there throwing punches into the wind.



The Rock ’em, Sock ’em Finisher

This is the big show, the knockout maker. Use this when you’ve got ’em reeling. Start with a double hook (Y, Y / X, X or Triangle, Triangle / Square, Square), slip to the side (flick the stick), pop a lead uppercut (RB + X / RB + Y or R1 + Square / R1 + Triangle), and bring it home with an overhand (LB + Y / LB + X or L1 + Triangle / L1 + Square). But, real talk, save this for when they’re truly rocked; otherwise, you’re just blowing smoke. And it’s prime when they’re backed up to the cage with nowhere to run.



Go Big or Go Home

And now, the grand finale—the showstopper. This combo’s all in. But hey, only bust it out when your opponent’s on the ropes. Start with a double hook (Y, LB + Y / X, LB + X or Triangle, L1 + Triangle / Square, L1 + Square), slip to the right (flick it), and then drop a lead uppercut (RB + X / RB + Y or R1 + Square / R1 + Triangle) into an overhand (LB + X / L1 + Square). It’s a guard buster, a jaw dropper, and if you nail it, it’s lights out.



General Tips & Strategy

  • Mind Over Matter: Just spitting combos ain’t enough. You gotta play it smart, set your shots, and seize the moment. Think chess, not checkers.


  • Stay Unpredictable: Don’t be a one-trick pony. If you keep spamming the same moves, your opponent’s gonna read you like a book and turn the tables.


  • Stamina’s Your Lifeline: Land your hits, then step back, reset, and catch your breath. Going ham with low stamina is asking for trouble. Plus, your punches lose their sting.


  • Play the Mind Games: Sometimes, best move is no move. Watch ’em, learn their rhythm, and play those mind games; it’s all about outsmarting ’em.


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