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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Defend Every Takedown – Tips and Tricks

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Defend Every Takedown - Tips and Tricks

What’s good, fight fans? You’ve landed on the ultimate guide to mastering takedown defense in EA Sports UFC 5. Whether you’re just stepping into the Octagon or you’ve been throwing down for a minute, this guide’s gonna get you right. We’re diving deep into every nook & cranny of takedown defense -> so buckle up and let’s get this work.



Takedown 101 – Know Your Basics

First things first, fam. You gotta get your fundamentals on point. In UFC 5, takedown defense ain’t just about spamming buttons. It’s about timing, awareness, and knowing your fighter. When your opponent shoots for a takedown, hold down those triggers (L2 + R2 on PS or LT + RT on Xbox) like your virtual life depends on it, ’cause it does.



Forward & Backward Drags

Your opponent might try to drag you forwards or backwards, and here’s where things get a bit tricky. Pay attention and react fast!


  • Forward Drag: Watch closely. If they hook your leg with their left leg, flick the left stick down like you’re pointing towards yourself. Hold on to those triggers tight and stay vigilant.


  • Backward Drag: If they pull you back, hold down R2 or the right trigger to save yourself from being put in a back-sitting position. Don’t let them get a chance to choke you out!



Fighting on the Fence: Stand Your Ground

Getting pushed against the fence? No worries, we got this.


  • Hold down both triggers to fend off those takedowns.


  • Watch out for standing Guillotine chokes. If you smell that coming, switch your game up and hold R2 or the right trigger.


  • Little tip: knee their body a couple of times and you might just break free from their clinch.



Back Clinch on the Cage: Hold the Fort

If you find yourself in a back clinch on the cage, it’s all about reaction and anticipation.


  • Hold R2 or the right trigger to defend against the backpack.


  • Be ready to flick that left stick to react to takedowns. Remember, high-level players are sneaky, they’re watching your stamina bar and trying to read your moves.



Camera Angles & Directional Defense

  • Stay Woke: The game loves switching camera angles on you. Stay alert… If the camera is outside the fence -> flick up if you’re thrown towards the Octagon’s center and down -> if you’re heading towards the fence. If the camera’s inside the Octagon, you might have to switch it up.




  • Peep your opponent’s stamina bar. If it’s low, they might be desperate and predictable.


  • Enter practice mode and grind out those defensive moves. The more you do it, the more natural it’ll feel…


  • Don’t just rely on one defense move. Keep mixing it up to keep your opponent on their toes.


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