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EA Sports UFC 5: Submission Defense Guide – Tips & Tricks

EA Sports UFC 5: Submission Defense Guide - Tips & Tricks

Yo UFC warriors! If you’re getting choked out or arm-snapped more often than not, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for. Learn the secrets to preserving your limbs and maintaining a pressure-free neck in EA Sports UFC 5. Let’s secure that victory!



Know Your Positions

Recognize the Setup

First off, you’ve got to know what’s coming. Every position has its submissions, and you need to be ready.


  • Rear Naked Choke (RNC): When your opponent goes for your head with their arm, it’s RNC time. Deny it by flicking down.


  • D’Arce Choke: This one’s trickier. If they start rotating around your body, you’re in D’Arce territory. Hit left to shut it down.



Back Mount

Back mount can be a real headache. The best move? Get out of there. But if you’re stuck:


  • RNC: Look for the head grab again and flick down to deny.


  • Arm Bars: Watch their arms closely. If one arm moves, deny in the opposite direction. It’s a bit backward, but it works.




Caught in a sprawl? Keep your eyes peeled…


  • Guillotine: They go for your neck? That’s the Guillotine. Deny with a quick move down.


  • D’Arce Choke: Pay attention to where they’re looking. If they look right, the D’Arce is going left, and vice versa.



Standing Guillotine: The Silent Killer

In a clinch and took a knee? Watch out for the standing Guillotine. Hold down R2 to defend. If you get caught, move backward and follow the rotation to break free.



Controls Are Everything

Get familiar with your controls:


  • Holding down R2/RT is the universal “defend” control. Use it, especially when in the clinch.


  • Right Stick Flicking: This is essential for denials. Flick in the direction you need to deny. Get it right and you’ll be out in a jiffy…



Break Down the Submissions

You’ve gotta know what each submission looks like. A rear-naked choke can come quick, just by grabbing your head. Spot it, deny it. The D’Arce choke is trickier; your opponent will be rotating around your body. Be ready to hit that left deny!



Guillotine Defense

If you find yourself in a standing Guillotine, hold down R2/RT and be ready for anything. If you’re caught, it’s all about moving backwards and spinning with your opponent. Picture an arrow pointing out from your back, and move with it. Get the rhythm right, and you’ll be out in no time



Stamina: Your BFF and Worst Enemy

Stamina is everything. If you’re gassed out, you’re just fresh meat. Here’s the 411:


  • The purple bar is your lifeline. If it hits zero, say night-night.


  • If your opponent has way more stamina, they’ll smash that submission. Your goal? Drain their energy.


Pro-tip: Fake ‘em out at the start. Throw them off their rhythm. It’s a game of cat and mouse…



Hit the Lab

No substitute for practice, y’all. Hit the training room, get comfortable with different positions and submissions, and sharpen those reflexes; The more you play -> the better you’ll get.



Keeping Cool Under Pressure

In the heat of the battle, it’s easy to panic. But keeping a cool head is crucial… Focus on your defense, conserve your stamina and wait for your opportunity to turn the tables. Every fighter gets caught sometimes, but it’s how you handle it that defines you.


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