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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Execute ‘Flying’ Submissions

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Execute 'Flying' Submissions

First off, you gotta know how to deny submissions. This is key. You gotta hold down the High block, which is R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox -> keep that in mind, ’cause it’s crucial…


When you’re checking out your fighter’s skills & moves, make sure to peep their submission levels. Most of these slick submissions are locked until you hit level three, but the rear naked choke is a bit of an exception, sometimes being available at level two.



Flying Arm Bar from the Single Collar Tie

To get things started, initiate the Single Collar Tie with the regular clinch input.


The magic combo here is L2 + R1 + Square on PlayStation and LT + RB + X on Xbox.


Pro tip: After throwing a knee in the clinch and transitioning to the Single Collar Tie, you can sneak in the Flying Arm Bar.



Flying Triangle: Over Under or Single Under

You’re gonna need your triangle game to be level three or higher for this one.


From Over Under, hit L2 + R1 + Triangle on PlayStation, or LT + RB + Y on Xbox.


Same combo works from the Single Under position too.


There’s a bit of a glitch that might have y’all spinning around if it gets denied, but EA’s on it.



Guillotine: It’s Choke Time

When you’re in the Single Under or up against the cage, hit L2 + R1 + Triangle/Square (it depends on your stance, so play around with it) on PlayStation, or LT + RB + Y or X on Xbox.


Remember the Guillotine ain’t the end all be all, so mix it up and keep your opponent guessing.



Kimura from the Back Clinch

If your shoulder block game is strong (we’re talking level three), and your opponent takes your back in open space, it’s Kimura time.


Get to the top side control with the Kimura (L2 + R1 + Triangle/Square or LT + RB + Y/X), but remember, it’s not the strongest entry, so be ready to switch it up if your opponent starts slipping away.



Flying Rear Naked Choke from Backpack

Whether you’re by the cage or in open space, initiate the Backpack with L2 + R1 + Triangle (or Square) on PlayStation, or LT + RB + Y (or X) on Xbox.


Hit that combo again to lock in the Flying Rear Naked Choke. You can also use Square or Triangle (X or Y on Xbox) – it all works.


Alright, squad. That’s the lowdown on flying submissions in UFC 5. Always check your fighter’s moves before stepping into the octagon. You gotta come correct if you want to dominate.


Got more questions or need some other tips on UFC 5?? Hit me up in the comments…


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