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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Execute a Moving Check Hook


Yo UFC fans, your digital fight coach is in the house & we’re diving headfirst into EA Sports UFC 5… Ready to school y’all on mastering that killer moving check hook? Let’s get it!!



Check Hook 101: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Aight so check it – the moving check hook ain’t just any move it’s your secret sauce. It’s what you pull out when your opponent thinks they got you all figured out. And then BAM, you hit ’em with the check hook and leave ’em shook.



Picking Your Fighter: Gotta Get It Right

First things first you gotta make sure you’re not stuck with a lame fighter. Dive into the Fighter Settings or Moves menu & find someone with at least 3-4 stars in hooks. No half-stepping here fam.



Controllers at the Ready – PS & Xbox

Let’s get those controls straight:



PS Controls:

Lead Hook: L1 + Square


Rear Hook: L1 + Triangle



Xbox Controls:

Lead Hook: LB + X


Rear Hook: LB + Y


Memorize these like your favorite cheat code back in the day.



Dance & Weave – Movement is Key

Don’t just stand there; you gotta flow like water. As you’re dodging left or right, tap that hook combo. For PS, it’s L1 + Square or Triangle; for Xbox, it’s LB + X or Y; keep it smooth and fast…



Watch Out Now: Those Tricky Overhand Animations

Here’s the deal, sometimes things get messy & you might slip up. You wanna watch out for those overhand animations trying to mess up your flow. Stay sharp, throw those check hooks & leave the haymakers at home.



Hit the Lab

Aint no way around it, you gotta put in work. Jump into practice mode, get your timing down & master that check hook. It’s a grind but ain’t nobody said being the best was easy.



Keep ‘Em Guessing: Unpredictable is the Name of the Game

Switch it up! Lead hooks, rear hooks, whatever it takes to keep your opponent on their toes. Be that fighter they just can’t get a read on.



Community Is Key: Share & Learn Together

Got questions or some pro tips of your own? Don’t be shy… Get involved in the community. Share what you know, ask what you don’t & let’s all level up together.



Pro Tips: How to Really Own the Octagon

  • Distance: Keep it just right, not too close, not too far.


  • Read Your Opponent: Charging at you with those predictable moves?? That’s your cue, sidestep and let that check hook fly.


  • Don’t Spam: This move is special, use it right & make it count.



Signing Off: Keep Grinding & Having Fun

You’ve got the knowledge now, but it’s on you to put in the work -> hit the octagon, practice hard & remember to have fun while you’re at it. And hey, maybe throw in something productive every now and then. Balance, right?


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