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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Get Doctor Stoppages

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Get Doctor Stoppages

Doctor stoppages in UFC 5 happen when you’ve done a number on your opponent’s face, leaving them cut up so bad that the ref has to step in and call it. Now, some folks might think targeting those cuts is a cheesy move, but if you do it right and keep it clean, it’s all fair game.



How to Get Those Stoppages

  • Zero in on the Cut: Alright, first off, you need to open up a cut. Straights and hooks are your go-to here. But real talk, elbows? Those are your ace in the hole. Sharp and no fluff – that’s the good stuff!


  • Switch Your Stance: If they’re cut on the left, flip to southpaw. That lets your lead hand get in there and keep at that cut; you gotta play smart, my friend!!


  • Keep it Fresh: Don’t just spam the same move. Go low, go high, throw in some fakes. Keep them guessing while you work that cut.


  • Bring the Heat: When that cut’s looking rough and the icon’s flashing red, it’s crunch time. Your opponent’s gotta step it up or the ref’s jumping in. Use this to your advantage → especially against those dudes who like to play it safe.



Tips & Tricks

  • Know Your Opponent: This tactic? It’s golden against chill players. But those aggressive types? Might not work as well. You gotta read your opponent and switch up your game…


  • Easy on the Elbows: Don’t be that guy just spamming elbows all day. It’s lame, and it’s gonna get old fast.


  • Switch Up Your Game: Throw in some takedowns, mix in some kicks. Keep ‘em guessing.


  • Work on Your Skills: This ain’t a one-trick pony kind of game. You gotta have a deep bag of tricks if you want to dominate.


  • Play Smart, Play Clever: Focus on nailing clean, smart hits; this isn’t a brawl; it’s a mind game…


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