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Mastering Kicks in EA Sports UFC 5: Top Combos and Strategies

Mastering Kicks in EA Sports UFC 5: Top Combos and Strategies

Yo EA Sports UFC fam! It’s your resident gaming guru here to drop some knowledge on y’all about EA Sports UFC 5… If you’re looking to step up your game, leave some bruises & snag that knockout, I got you; let’s break down these kicks & combos so you can throw down in style!!



The Basics

Before we dive into those wicked combos let’s get the basics down.


  • Right Leg Kick: Throw it down with Circle (or B on Xbox). Keep it simple but effective.


  • Left Leg Kick: Whip that out with X (or A on Xbox). Bread and butter move right here.



Get Fancy with the Blocks

  • Low Block / Leg Catch (Timed): It’s all about the timing bro. Hold down RT + LT (or R2 + L2 on PlayStation) when you see that kick coming and snatch it up.



Spin City

Man the spin is where it’s at. You wanna dazzle and confuse your opponent?? Hit ‘em with:


  • Basic Spin: It’s all about that X and Circle together (B and A on Xbox). Not only does this look sick but it sets you up for a ton of moves.


  • Reverse Spin: Level up! Hold L1 (or LB on Xbox) and press X + Circle -> changed direction and got them guessing.



Combos to Make ’em Cry

Alright now for the sauce! Combining kicks can leave your opponent dazed and amazed.


  • Leg Kick to Body Kick: Start with a Left Leg Kick (X or A) and seamlessly move into a Body Kick (LT + A or LT + B on Xbox; L2 + X or L2 + Circle on PlayStation). Body shots baby!


  • Leg Kick to Head Kick: Get fancy with a Left Leg Kick, then serve up some pain with a Head Kick (LB + A or LB + B on Xbox; L1 + X or L1 + Circle on PlayStation). They won’t know what hit ’em.


  • Mix in Some Knees: After landing those kicks switch things up with a Body Knee (Tap L2 + X or L2 + Circle) or -> a deadly Head Knee (Tap L1 + X or L1 + Circle).



Don’t Forget Your Stance

  • Switch Stance: Variety is the spice of life bro. Switch things up with a quick tap of R3 (or RS on Xbox). Keep ’em guessing.



Words from the Wise

Look mastering these moves takes time. Don’t just breeze through this guide and think you’re Conor McGregor. Hop into practice mode feel out each move and develop your rhythm.


Also different fighters have their own flavors strengths & special moves. While these controls and combos are universal each fighter brings something unique to the table. So experiment find your fighter and master their style.


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