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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Counter Strike

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Counter Strike

EA Sports UFC 5 is all about bringing that legit MMA vibe right to your screen, and getting the hang of that counter strike game is clutch for totally owning the ring. Before you start chucking haymakers and launching head kicks, you gotta nail the basics.



Stick Movement & Timing

Left Stick (L): This bad boy moves your fighter โ†’ itโ€™s all about creating angles and finding that sweet spot to dodge and weave.


Right Stick (R): Flicking this stick at the right time lets you slip punches, duck under hooks, and sway back from uppercuts.


Practice makes perfect, for real โ†’ use the practice mode to nail these moves. Just throw on a podcast, kick back, and vibe with the rhythm of moving and grooving.



Blocking and Parrying

R1/RB + Right Stick: You gotta time your blocks just right to parry like a pro. When you nail a parry, your opponentโ€™s left wide open for a counter. So, keep those reflexes on point!


Donโ€™t go ham on the block button. Pick your moments and time it right, or youโ€™ll be eating punches instead.



Defending Yourself Like A Pro

Minor Lunges: Keep it cool with just the left stick.


Major Lunges: Hold down L1 and hit up the right stick. And if your fighter doesnโ€™t have those slick lunges, donโ€™t even bother with the left stick.


Head Movement: Tighten up your bob and weave game with the right stick.



Keepin’ It Real With Counters

Check out those move levels and damage icons. The bigger they are, the harder youโ€™re hitting.


Straight shots? Those will wreck the nose and drain their stamina.


Round strikes? Youโ€™re gonna slice ’em up good. The doc might even have to step in.



Types of Counters

Side Step Counters: Flick that left stick up or down to dodge those straight shots. Then, hit ’em with uppercuts, hooks or body shots…


Feelin’ fancy? Try a head kick or an overhand, especially when they’re coming at you with body tees.


Back Step Counters: Pull that left stick back; this move is killer against hooks and uppercuts, but watch out for straight punches & head kicks.


Timing is everything. Make your moves right, and you can slide out of their combos and come back with a banger.


Pull Counters: Lean back with that right stick. Youโ€™ve got options like crosses, hooks, and uppercuts.


You can also hit ’em with a check hook using the left stick toward the lead leg side. Always check your fighter’s moves to see what’s hot.


Duck Counters: Dive in with that right stick. Shorties, this oneโ€™s for you, especially when going against the tall guys.


Drop those uppercuts and hooks. You can even mix it up with some body shots.



Reading Your Opponent: The Key to Counter Striking

The top dogs can read their opponent like a book. Hereโ€™s how you can too:



Recognizing Patterns and Habits

Common Combos: Watch out for those one-two punches, leg kicks following a jab, or the classic jab-straight-hook. Recognize these patterns, anticipate, and counter like a boss.


Player Tendencies: Does your opponent dig body shots? Do they throw wild hooks under pressure? Pick up on these habits & use them to your advantage.


The first round is key. Thatโ€™s when youโ€™ll pick up on your opponent’s habits and start setting up your counters.



Using Feints and Misdirection

Throwing Feints: Mix in some feints (quick flicks of the attack buttons without fully committing) to make your opponent bite. When they react, BAM!, hit them with a counter.


Keep your feints unpredictable; mix it up to keep your opponent guessing…



Executing the Perfect Counter Strike

Now that you’ve got the basics and you’ve read your opponent, it’s time to strike.



Choosing the Right Counter

Punches: If theyโ€™re spamming jabs and straights, a timely hook or uppercut can catch them off guard.


Kicks: Check those leg kicks and counter with a straight right. If theyโ€™re aiming high with kicks, duck and counter with a hook to the body or head.



Mastering Distance and Range

Close Range: Hooks and uppercuts are your go-tos here. If they miss a hook, counter with your own.


Long Range: Use straight punches to counter. If they miss a kick, close in quickly with a jab or straight.


Use your footwork (L) to manage the distance. Step in to close the gap, and back up to make them miss.



Timing and Precision

Window of Opportunity: Thereโ€™s a brief moment after your opponent strikes where theyโ€™re vulnerable. Strike then.


Stay Cool, Stay Sharp: Donโ€™t mash those buttons. Stay calm, pick your shots, and make every hit count.


Watch your stamina. If youโ€™re running on empty, your counters wonโ€™t pack the same punch. Manage your energy and strike when the time is right.



Putting it All Together: Becoming a Counter Striking Machine

You’ve got the tools and the knowledge, now itโ€™s time to bring it all together.



Practice, Practice, Practice…

Use Practice Mode: Hit up practice mode to work on your timing, distance management, and reading your opponent.


Spar Smart: Find a sparring partner to throw different moves at you. Practice countering various strikes & combos.


Set specific goals for each practice session. Focus on one aspect of counter striking until youโ€™ve mastered it…



Analyze and Adjust

Watch Your Replays: Take time to watch your replays, especially your losses. Identify what you did right and what needs work.


Adjust Your Game Plan: If somethingโ€™s not working, be ready to switch it up. If your hooks arenโ€™t landing, try uppercuts. If your timingโ€™s off, focus on defense and wait for your moment.


Donโ€™t get frustrated โ†’ every loss is a chance to learn and improve… Take the lessons, adjust and come back stronger…


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