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EA Sports UFC 5: How to Grapple – Controls & Tips

EA Sports UFC 5: How to Grapple - Controls & Tips

UFC 5 grappling’s all about having that tight control, perfect timing and knowing the perfect moment to bring the heat. We got takedowns, the heavy moves, and clinch action. Trust, each piece is essential…



Grappling Offense: Takedowns & Clinches

Wrestling Single & Double Leg Takedowns

(LT + X + A / L2 + Square + X or LT + Y + B / L2 + Triangle + Circle)


Aight, wanna drop the fight to the ground? This is your bread & butter -> perfect for when your opponent’s out here wildin’ and you wanna catch them slipping. Time it just right, and bam – they’re eating mat.


Don’t be a one-trick pony; switch up those takedowns. Use that left stick, keep ’em on their toes.



Power Single & Power Double Leg Takedowns

(Same moves as above, but this time you’re holding down X or B)


This? This is for when you need that extra sauce; It’ll cost you some stamina, but it’s worth it to slam ’em down…


Heads up: Watch that stamina, or you’ll be gassed out and in a bad spot.



Single Collar Clinch

(X + A / Square + X)


Get all up in their grill with this. Control the game, land those hard hits, or flip the script to a better spot.


This is how you rule in the clinch. Set up those sneaky punches or switch to a Thai clinch for savage knees…



Defense: Stay Upright

Defend Takedown

(LT + RT / L2 + R2)


Man, ain’t nobody tryna be a doormat. Use this to shut down those takedowns and keep it on the feet.


Keep it real: Speed’s the name of the game -> Be fast and keep ’em off you.



Defend Clinch

(Swing that right stick!)


They trying to lock you up? Nah, slide that stick and break out.


Keep it chill and move quick – you’ll be back in the mix in no time.



Grappling Offense: Level Up

Advance Position

(RB + X/Y or R1 + Square/Triangle)


Got ’em down? Time to show off. Use this to move around and keep ’em confused. Don’t mash buttons. Stay frosty, choose wisely and flow…




(LT + RB + X/Y or L2 + R1 + Square/Triangle)


Ready to strangle? Lock in that submission and watch ’em tap.


Keep an eye on both your stamina bars. If they’re low, you got this.



Quick Tips & Tricks

  • Timing’s Everything: Wait for them to mess up or get sloppy. That’s your green light to take control.


  • Stamina Check: Don’t wild out too hard. If you’re running on empty, you’re an easy target. Fuel up before making big plays.


  • Ground Control: When it’s floor time, own it. Transition, move up, and go for the win. Make ’em regret ever going down with you…


  • Be ready on defense too. When they come at you, be quick to defend & keep the fight on your terms…


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