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EA Sports UFC 4 – Ground Controls Guide

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Many of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time have earned their place by mastering the ground game. It’s a necessary part of UFC 4 combat, so be sure to know how to manage the contest should it go to the mat.




Ground PS4 Xbox One
Advanced Transition/GNP Modifier L1 LB
Grapple Stick R R
Get Up L (flick upwards) L (flick upwards)
Submission L (flick left) L (flick left)
Ground and Pound L (flick right) L (flick right)
Defend Transition R2 + R R2 + L RT + R RT + L
Transition R R
Additional Transitions L1 + R LB + R
Head Movement R (left and right) R (left and right)
Post Defence L1 + R (left and right) LB + R (left and right)


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