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EA Sports UFC 4 – How to Get Into Ground and Pound Position

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How to Get Into Ground and Pound Position

To get into this position while on top of your opponent, tap LSRIGHT for Grapple Assist and RSUP for Hybrid or Legacy Grapple HUD.


When you’ve gotten yourself in this posture, keep switching your attack types and repeatedly strike your opponent, giving him no time whatsoever to react.


Use the keys X and Y for the Straights and LB+X and Y for Hooks.


Once you find an opening to your opponent’s body, use LT+X or Y to deal punches to his body.


This will cause your opponent’s stamina to drop and if most of your punches land undefended, he will be penalized due to reduced stamina and you will be able to make Transitions or Submissions.


In the case of Grapple Assist and Hybrid Grapple HUD, press RB+LSLEFT for Submissions or RB+LSRIGHT for Transitions whereas for Legacy Grapple HUD, use RB+RSALL for Transitions.


To withdraw yourself from the Ground and Pound Position, simply hold RB+LSUP or RSUP.


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