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EA Sports UFC 4 – How to Clinch?

EA Sports UFC 4 - How to Clinch?

Clinching at the wrong time can result in your fighter absorbing massive amounts of punishment. Therefore, it’s essential to know when to engage the clinch.


One of the best occasions to use the clinch is in the pocket after an exchange, when stamina is low and both combatants are standing right in front of one another.


This often catches opponents off-guard as they will be looking to regain health and stamina – presenting itself as the perfect moment to attempt a clinch.



How to Clinch?

When in this position, use R1 + Square (PS4) or RB + X (Xbox One) to grab your foe in a single collar clinch. Following this, you have several options, including striking or taking the fight to the ground.


From the single collar clinch, you can transition to the other clinch positions by pressing R1 + Triangle (PS4) or RB + Y (Xbox One). When in your clinch position of preference, you can drive your foe to the cage by pushing the L analogue.


You can also use the clinch to your advantage when your fighter is badly damaged on their feet. This will permit them time to recover (if you defend strikes within the clinch) and may even open an opportunity to land a takedown, which could change the outcome of the fight.


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