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TOP 6 Best Cyberpunk Games to Look Forward to in 2023

TOP 6 Best Cyberpunk Games to Look Forward to in 2023

By now, many gamers have wrapped up their playthrough of Stray, and are already on the hunt for the next great Cyberpunk-themed sci-fi game to get lost in. And who can blame them? Cyberpunk has a huge draw on many people for a number of reasons, and a real future run by corporations who have little to no regard for regular people seems more likely all the time. Maybe cyberpunk fans are just preparing.


Cyberpunk games are also undeniably cool, as will be illustrated by this list of the Top 6 Best Cyberpunk Games to Look Forward to in 2023. Gamers who are ready to dive into futuristic worlds that attempt to balance technology with humanity should get ready because next year there will be plenty of awesome cyberpunk games to play.




The life simulator genre is nothing new to gaming, but it’s never been done quite like this. In Nivalis by Ion Lands, you will start off with nothing in a gorgeously rendered cyberpunk city, complete with day/night and weather cycles to drive home the setting.



Scrounge together some money to open a small business, and manage your money until you’re able to buy your way to the top of Nivalis’ nightlife. While you do this, you’ll also be able to explore the city and meet a range of NPCs that you can develop relationships with.



Cyberpunk Detective

Imagine if Deckard from Blade Runner was openly enhanced with robotic parts and was driven solely by money. If that’s something that sounds appealing to you, then you should check out CyberPsychos and GameHunters’ Cyberpunk Detective.


In a familiarly rendered cyberpunk city, you will take on murder cases and other detective work, investigate and collect clues, and finally solve those cases and collect payment. Along the way, you will gun down enemies in first-person.



Many of these missions will have to do with the Mob, which, like in real life, is not an organization you’d want to get on the bad side of, but the titular Cyberpunk Detective has a loaded gun, a taste for justice, and an extremely bad attitude.




In the world of HYENAS, the rich have depleted Earth of all of its resources, converted the plant into an uninhabitable rock, and launched into space on a luxury ship. While this might sound like the next chapter of Jeff Bezos’s quest for intergalactic domination, it is actually the background lore for an awesome upcoming multiplayer FPS.



On those luxury spaceships, the rich have taken relics from the past, things that once called Earth their home. Now, as the HYENAS, it is your job to break into these ships and steal back what was wrongfully taken while gunning down robotic security.



Minds Beneath Us

Developed and published by BearBoneStudio, Minds Beneath us is a hand-drawn, 2D cyberpunk adventure game. In the far future, the internet is run off of a system of interlinked human brains, and the poor and disadvantaged citizenry are the ones who end up making the precious utility work.



Through this system, a data ghost escapes and inhabits the body of an ordinary man. This is Minds Beneath Us’s protagonist. Speak to characters and make dialogue choices as you work together, and occasionally against each other, to find a solution to the predicament you find yourselves in.




Did you enjoy the Las Vegas scenes in Blade Runner 2049? The developers at Paradark Studio did, and they made an entire game with that striking aesthetic. It is called Exekiller, and it looks like an incredibly first-person action game.



After a fire destroys much of the planet and causes humanity to become extinct, what remains are a few pockets of civilization in an otherwise dusty, desolate landscape. You’ll play as a bounty hunter who goes from settlement to settlement in a futuristic flying car to collect your bounties however you see fit: cold or warm.



Luna Abyss

Created by Bonsai Collective, Luna Abyss is an upcoming cyberpunk FPS that looks like it takes the best parts of Alien, Doom, and Returnal to create an extremely interesting experience. In it, you will explore an abandoned colony that exists deep below the surface of a faux moon called Luna.



Within this moon, a race of hellish creatures called The Scourge thrive, and in being there, you have disturbed their lives. Arm yourself with an arsenal full of interesting weapons, take down The Scourge, and reclaim the technology that was lost in the center of Luna.


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