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TOP 5 New Upcoming Metroidvania Games of 2022 & 2023

TOP 5 New Upcoming Metroidvania Games of 2022 & 2023

The Metroid and Castlevania games have been a foundational part of the gaming landscape since the late ’80s. They were both released initially on the NES, meaning gamers who grew up playing these gems are well into adulthood now and carry the mark they made on their very souls. Those gamers who grew up to become game developers themselves would create a genre of game that combines the best parts of both of these series into a single industry-dominating form: the Metroidvania. Games that bear the Metroidvania moniker have been some of the best games of recent years, with games like Hollow Knight and Cave Story winning the hearts of gamers all over the world, as well as a number of awards. Let’s see if there are any new Metroidvania classics on the way with the top 5 best upcoming Metroidvania games of 2022.



  1. The Last Faith

First on this list is Kumi Souls Games’ gothic action game, The Last Faith. Enter a once-great land that has fallen to disease and decay as the powerful explorer Eric. Gothic architecture and abominations abound in this place that has been abandoned by the religious order that kept it strong for so many centuries. Engage in fast-paced combat using a  wide array of weapons that can be imbued with elemental powers and upgraded to inflict more damage to the creatures you will face. Learn powerful magic spells left behind by magicians long dead and add them to your repertoire. Solve the mystery of the plague and bring it to an end when The Last Faith casts its spell on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2022.




  1. Transmute

Lose yourself in this Metroidvania that clearly takes more inspiration from Metroid than Castlevania. Evan Tor Games’ Transmute is a sci-fi adventure that stars Moon Mikono as she crashes lands into a planet used for research, which also happens to be the last location her mother was seen in. Make your way through the research facility and to the very center of the planet to either find her mom or discover the truth about what happened. Classic Metroid gameplay sees you jumping between platforms, blasting alien creatures, and unlocking progressively more powerful abilities. Face the mysteries and dangers of Terra 6 when Transmute answers the distress call on PC in 2022.




  1. Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Presenting players with gorgeous sprite art inspired by the age of 16 and 32-bit classics is Gestalt: Steam & Cinder. Play as Alethia, a fearless mercenary, as she explores Canaan, an ancient steam-powered city that houses all kinds of clockwork monstrosities. Use guns and melee weapons together, creating flashy combos and devastating finishers on the golems and slithering creatures of Canaan. Play through a riveting story that will take you to the depths of the unknown as you uncover the corruption of the rulers of Canaan: the Comitium. In between missions, kick back at Vincent’s Pub and have a few drinks; loose lips might reveal a few secrets to you here. Takedown the Comitium and decide the fate of Canaan when Gestalt: Steam & Cinder unleashes steam-powered fury on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.




  1. Turbo Kid

Next, we have the video game sequel to the 2015 post-apocalyptic adventure movie: Turbo Kid. It is being developed by Outerminds Inc. and will take place after the events of the film. As the titular Turbo Kid, ride your BMX bike through the irradiated dunes and sewers of a post-apocalypse 1997 wasteland in a story that is as heartwarming as it is ridiculous. In keeping true to the movie’s visual flair, enemies will explode into chunky pieces of gore upon defeat, leaving the battlefield covered in their remains. Explore the world and fight boss characters in any order, and make decisions in story sequences that will determine how that story plays out. Prep your BMX bike and Turbo Glove for when Turbo Kid rides onto PC in 2022.




  1. Moadra

Finally, we have the incredible-looking 2.5D sci-fi action platformer Moadra from Gloomsoft. You play as Moadra, a member of the highly advanced alien race: the Neera, on a quest to find an expedition that has lost communication with the rest of your race. Travel to Protea VI and descend into the sandblasted wastes to uncover what happened to your fellow Neera. Protea VI will not welcome you, however, so keep your reflexes sharp with fast-paced, intense battles against the creature inhabitants of the planet, as well as epic boss fights that will show you no mercy. Absorb the Protoplasm these enemies drop and use it to upgrade your own abilities in a free-form upgrade system. Use your robot companion to scan the environment for enemies as well as hidden secrets like invisible rooms full of useful materials. Reach the center of Protea VI and uncover the secrets of this awesome sci-fi story when Moadra arrives on PC in 2023.



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