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TOP 6 Awesome Upcoming Dragon Games for 2022 & 2023

TOP 6 Awesome Upcoming Dragon Games for 2022 & 2023

One of the most enduring mythical creatures in all media is the humble dragon. They are always a welcome sight whether they are friends or foes, especially in video games. That first moment a dragon descends from the heavens to engage you in an epic battle in Skyrim will stay with many gamers for their entire lives. While we may never get our hands on a complete version of Scalebound to crush enemies with that dragon companion, there are many projects in the works that contain awesome dragons. Whether you nitpick about the difference between dragons and wyverns or not (wyvernsโ€™ wings are connected to their front legs, while dragonsโ€™ have separate wings on their back), I have a few games for you to look forward to on this list of the Top 6 Awesome Upcoming Dragon Games for 2022 and 2023.



  1. The Handler of Dragons

In The Handler of Dragons, youโ€™ll play as a warrior-in-training who discovers that he has the curious ability to speak in dragon tongue. The RPG action-adventure game will send you on an adventure to discover the origins of this ability while you manage relationships with both your dragon companions and the people closest to you. Your journey will have you riding your dragon friends into battle and make decisions that alter the course of the story. The Handler of Dragons is currently available in Steam Early Access, with a full release scheduled for some time in 2022.




  1. Skyfear

Developed and published by Protoria Studios, a team of just three people, Skyfear is an aerial combat game that puts you in the scales of a nimble dragon fighter. Take your customized dragon online and fight against other players with their own unique dragons and loadouts, or play single player matches against AI-controlled bots. The fast-paced, dynamic action takes place over multiple, highly-detailed environments that have enough terrain variety to allow you to weave in between rocks and through cliffs to avoid your pursuers. Skyfear is expected to launch on Steam in late 2022.




  1. Glyde the Dragon

If youโ€™re old enough to remember Spyro the Dragon, then Glyde the Dragon is coming directly for your nostalgia nerves. Glyde the Dragon is a third-person action-adventure game that has you controlling an adorable dragon on an epic adventure to cleanse their world of a plague that is corrupting everything they love. Just like Spyro, you will travel to different regions, free your dragon family, and ultimately save your world. Youโ€™ll even have a handy companion fairy named Wing! Engage in awesome dragon combat when Valefor Games Ltd.โ€™s Glyde the Dragonโ€™s demo is released in 2022, with a full release possibly in 2023.




  1. Draconia

Explore a mysterious land full of secrets in a highly-customizable MMORPG with dragons front and center in Draconia. Developed and published by Draconia Dev Team, this game will allow you to create your own customized dragon from several unique species. Keep your dragon alive with full survival gameplay that requires you to keep track of your dragons hunger and thirst as well as craft a hoard to keep all of your stolen treasures safe. Complete quests to gain experience and level up, growing in strength with each upgrade. Draconia is currently playable in Steam Early Access, but it is scheduled to be completed and released by the end of 2023.




  1. Rumor: โ€œProject Dragonโ€

In a leak coming out of Microsoft Studios part way through 2021, we learned about a potential, unannounced dragon-themed game in development at IO Interactive. This game is allegedly modeled after Destiny, in which you will level up your character and obtain or unlock new gear and cosmetics. It is also stated to be part of a โ€œ10-year planโ€, in which the game will receive updates and new content for 10 years. IO Interactive is known for creating the Hitman series, so at least we know that a competent team is behind such an ambitious project. Again, the project has yet to be announced, so it could be a while before we even hear about it.


TOP 6 Awesome Upcoming Dragon Games for 2022 & 2023



  1. Rumor: Dragonโ€™s Dogma 2

The other half of that Microsoft Studios leak was a potential sequel to Capcomโ€™s unique 2012 RPG Dragons Dogma. There is even less information about the potential project and the initial leak was vague enough that the actual game in question could be a number of things. It is the hearsay of several leakers that have pointed to the game actually being a Dragonโ€™s Dogma sequel. We might not hear about this project for a few more years, but fans of the original Dragonโ€™s Dogma can still have hope that a return to that fantasy franchise is coming.



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