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TOP 5 Best Upcoming Games for Cat & Dog Lovers (2022 & 2023)

TOP 5 Best Upcoming Games for Cat & Dog Lovers (2022 & 2023)

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you understand the unique effect they have on people. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, an animal friend is always guaranteed to brighten your day when you walk in the door after a long day. Taking care of and bonding with your pet is a truly special experience that everyone should have at some point in their life. When all of the people in your life are busy or unavailable, your pet is always there at your side, ready to hang out and cuddle.


For those who haven’t had the pleasure of having a pet in their lives, there are a number of games they can play to experience the life of those pets through their own eyes. Some of those games are coming out soon, and I will cover them in this list of the Top 5 Best Upcoming Games for Cat & Dog Lovers.



  1. Cats and Other Lives

Cultic Games brings us a point-and-click style adventure game as seen through a cat’s eyes in Cats and Other Lives. In it, you play Aspen, the family cat to the Mason family who has unfortunately lost their patriarch. As the Masons reconvene in the family home after a long time, Aspen will overhear conversations, explore the grounds, and get into trouble in ways that only cats can. The story Aspen will experience takes place over decades, which will allow you to see each member of the family grow and change over time up to their father’s untimely demise.



The game’s world is brought to life with detailed 2D art that is complemented by a cinematic lighting system. Enjoy all three chapters of Cats and Other Lives on Steam.



  1. Lost and Hound

The fluffy-butted Corgi is one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds, and Daisy Ale Soundworks’ game Lost and Hound lets you play as one! This sound-driven adventure will have Biscuit the Corgi hunting criminals, helping those in need, and solving complex mysteries in a game that is uniquely accessible to those with impaired vision.



Biscuit’s sense of hearing is far beyond that of his human and this is the power that allows him to do what he does. Use the audio information you pick up to track people. The good-hearted Biscuit will even take part in jobs that real-world working dogs do, such as working in hospitals, detecting seizures and cancer, and even herding all kinds of animals.


You won’t want to miss this unique adventure, and Biscuit might be the most endearing hero of all time.



  1. Catizens

If you dream of a community that consists exclusively of cats, then Catizens is right up your alley. This colony management simulator has you build and watch over a township of cat people, each of which is unique and has its own quirks. Because of their uniqueness, each cat also has their own needs that need to be tended to. Keep them happy, and your catizens will form relationships and bonds with each other that will make the community even stronger.



Start small, but build up the cat town and expand it into new lands with fresh opportunities. Your citizens will each take up a profession which can be anything from farming to blacksmithing among other things. If you love cats and The Sims, Catizens is a game you should be playing.



  1. DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace

Based on the upcoming DC League of Super-Pets movie, The Adventures of Krypto and Ace follows the titular heroes in a series of missions throughout Metropolis. Superman’s pet Krypto, and Batman’s pet Ace team up to uncover and put an end to Lex-Luthor’s evil plot. Use each dog’s special powers to fight crime, solve puzzles, and complete objectives. The destructive LexBots in particular will need a super-powered whooping! Along the way, you’ll rescue stray dogs from Luthor’s plan and take them to safety. Saving these pets will prevent them from falling victim to the LexCorp Zoo, where Luthor lies in wait with his robotic War Suit for the climactic final battle. Make your owners proud in DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace.




  1. Stray

The upcoming indie game Stray has made a big impact since its announcement. The gritty cyberpunk world is immaculately designed, but takes a back seat to the star of the show, the playable feline adventurer. Solve puzzles, avoid combat, or just do cat things around this future city in this PlayStation console exclusive.



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