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TOP 5 New Upcoming Viking Games for 2022 & 2023

TOP 5 New Upcoming Viking Games for 2022 & 2023

There’s no arguing that the legacy Vikings left behind is awesome. Strength, resilience, and a thirst for adventure are incredible traits that lend themselves well to all kinds of media based on Viking exploits, including video games.


Recent years have graced us with awesome Viking games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the newest God of War saga, but those aren’t the only Viking-themed games that fans have. There are plenty more to look forward to, and you can find some of them on this list of the Top 5 Upcoming Viking Mythology Games for 2022 & 2023.



Dolmenjord – Viking Islands

The Vikings are known for having many mythological gods that they worshiped. Everybody knows Thor, Odin, Loki, and a few others, but a little known Norse god is Njord. Well, it’s finally time for Njord to take center stage thanks to Dolmenjord – Viking Islands.



Developed and published by Mens Sana Interactive, Dolmenjord – Viking Islands has players watching over a Viking clan and guiding them as they expand their influence across islands. They will arrange buildings and structures to solve island puzzles, effectively helping the clan organize their villages. Play through 60 levels of Nordic fun when Dolmenjord – Viking Islands lands in 2022.



Tiny Thor

If you thought Shovel Knight was an awesome, modern representation of a retro game, then wait til you lay your eyes on Tiny Thor. Developed and published by Asylum Square, Tiny Thor is an incredibly fun action platformer that is brought to life with gorgeous 16-bit graphics.



As the titular Tiny Thor, you will wield the awesome power of Mjolnir, using its bouncing properties to free aim and destroy enemies no matter where they’re hiding. Mjolnir can also be bounced off of surfaces to hit hard-to-reach switches and solve similar puzzles.


Tiny Thor already has a demo available on Steam, but you can play the full game when Tiny Thor arrives in 2023.



Blood and Mead

2D side scrolling games often have a reputation for being sweet and family-friendly. Most people think of games like Mario and Sonic, with their sanitized presentation and low-violence. Lost Relic Games’ Blood and Mead seeks to take this preconception and break its back over its knee. Blood and Mead is a side-scrolling action game with “cute”, chibi-style Viking characters. However, their cuteness is betrayed by fountains of blood and explosions of bone and guts when you engage in signature Viking combat.



Upgrade your equipment, unlock powerful combos, and fight unbelievable bosses as you experience a thrilling story that walks you through Viking lore. It’s not all mindless violence though, give your brain a light stretch with some light puzzle-solving to mix things up.



Land of the Vikings

Now from Viking violence, we go to Viking management. In Laps Games’ Land of the Vikings, players will step into the role of a Jarl, or the head of a Viking clan. As Jarl, the survival and success of your clan rests squarely on your shoulders.



Send your citizens out to collect resources from the surrounding area, and then direct them to build shelter, facilities, and defenses. Each villager has their own set of characteristics that make them suited for specific jobs, pay attention to these when assigning them to work. Use peaceful times to build up food storage and prepare for harsh conditions, while the threat of enemy attacks looms. When things get tough, you can build a Trade Dock to exchange goods with other nearby settlements. Experience the stress and triumph of being a Jarl when Land of the Vikings arrives at the end of 2022.



Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok

The surprise smash-hit that is Vampire Survivors managed to capture the minds of many gamers with its simplistic yet completely enthralling gameplay. Now, Snowfall Studios is looking to capture that same magic with a Viking twist.



In Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok, you will slay wave after wave of monstrous creatures. These hordes will do their best to tear you apart, but will ultimately fall by your blade. Especially when you start unlocking upgrades to your states and weaponry. As you progress through the different maps connected by Yggdrasil, you’ll also unlock new characters with their own special abilities to make use of. Armed with dozens of weapons and these special powers, the creatures that surround you stand no chance.


Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok is slated to launch sometime in 2022, but you can try it out now by downloading the demo on Steam.


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