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6 Best Prehistoric Games You Can Play in 2022 and 2023

6 Best Prehistoric Games You Can Play in 2022 and 2023

Video games set in a sci-fi future or even the modern day are fun, but they are beginning to feel a little played out. When every game that is released is set in the same time period, they all begin to blend together and look the same. Thankfully, there is a healthy selection of games that take place in the time before recorded history, or prehistoric times.


If those are the kinds of games you are seeking, or even if you just want a change of pace from all of the cyberpunk games being released, then you’re in luck. The following list has 6 of the best games you can play that are set in this time period! So when you’re ready to face down dinosaurs with your bare hands or maybe some rocks, put on your best war face, and let’s get started!



  1. Prehistoric Hunt

If you enjoy hunting games such as Hunting Simulator or even the older Cabela games, but wish they were a little more dangerous, then boy do I have the game for you. Brought to us by Antiproto Studios, Prehistoric Hunt is a Steam Early Access hunting game that is set on a Jurassic Park-style island full of every type of dinosaur you could think of.



On this island, there will be many different biomes such as forests and beaches in addition to all of the different dinosaur species. You can pick up your realistic weapons and either go hunting alone or with several friends online, but either way, you will need to carefully study these dinos before you attempt to take any shots. You don’t want to become T-Rex food!



  1. Dawn of Man

Madruga Works’ prehistoric colony simulator from 2019 remains one of the most authentic survival and management games you can play in this time period. In Dawn of Man, you will take command of a small tribe of early humans and guide them on their journey to survive and become a much larger community.



You’ll need to build villages, teach them to hunt, craft items, and develop new technology if you want to make it in this world. There are no dinosaurs here, but you will face things like mammoths, wooly rhinos, and megaloceros on your journey.



  1. Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft’s Far Cry games typically take place in modern times, but the spinoff Far Cry Primal goes a different route. You’ll ditch the guns and vehicles in favor of stone tools and a bow as you step into the pelt of a caveman.



This Stone Age adventure will put you face to face with massive creatures, other cavemen, and the natural dangers of the world of Oros as you explore its many mountains, swamps, and valleys.



  1. Prehistoric Kingdom

If you ever watched any of the Jurassic Park movies and thought, “That’s a great idea, they just didn’t execute it correctly”, then you can give the dinosaur theme park a shot of your own with the Prehistoric Kingdom.



Created by Blue Meridian and published by Crytivo, Prehistoric Kingdom puts you in control of a massive area and asks you to make the most decked-out zoo ever created and to fill it with all kinds of extinct animals and creatures. Find these animals’ genetic material in expeditions to all corners of the globe, grow them in a lab, and then keep them alive for all of your park guests.



  1. Sapiens

Released just this year, Sapiens is another incredible prehistoric colony management/simulator in the same vein as Dawn of Man. With a simple yet pleasing art style, you’ll select a tribe from many different regions of the globe and help them grow into a powerful community.



With the correct guidance and steps to ensure survival, your tribe can advance through thousands of years and see entire generations pass. Not all of your Sapiens will survive the harsh times, but their sacrifice can make sure others will live to see the next day.



  1. Ark 2

The long-awaited Ark 2 is finally scheduled to release in 2023 after many years of not-so-patient waiting. Excitement for the game began in 2020 when it was announced with a slick teaser trailer at The Game Awards. This teaser, which also featured actor Vin Diesel in a starring role, didn’t show any gameplay, but it did set the tone for a game that is more story-focused than the previous one.



All Ark fans really want is a new game that refines the mechanics of the first game and gives it a significant graphical overhaul. Hopefully, Ark 2 can pull this off and avoid the troubles the first game had when it originally launched.


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