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Mortal Online 2: The Ultimate Guide to Combat Fundamentals

Mortal Online 2: The Ultimate Guide to Combat Fundamentals

In Mortal Online 2 (MO2), combat sets itself apart from most games where players typically alternate between light and heavy attacks. Instead, MO2 allows you to attack, block, and parry in four different directions. You’ll need to aim with the cursor and choose an approach direction for your enemy. This added layer of decision-making changes the game entirely, particularly when it comes to player versus player (PvP) showdowns.


Memorizing every control can be tough, but the satisfaction that comes from mastering combat basics makes it all worthwhile. The potential is limitless, as each battle is unique. You can uncover wild strategies tailored to your playstyle or even cast unexpected spells mid-combat.


What matters most in any game isn’t the victory, but the thrill of combat; it’s not about defeating your foes, but giving it your all. Mortal Online 2 delivers that in spades. The revamped combat system offers exceptional control over your character’s movements, which is a rare find in video games. MO2 has carved its niche as one of the most well-crafted MMORPG titles, breathing new life into traditional combat mechanics. This beginner’s guide is designed to introduce you to the basics of this groundbreaking system. For more Mortal Online 2 guides, click here.



How to Attack

  • First, draw your weapon by pressing [X]. Be aware that running faster with your weapon drawn will deplete your stamina and shorten your jump distance; however, you can recover stamina in Combat Mode by walking slowly.


  • There are four types of melee attacks: Left, Right, and Overhead attacks (which deal slashing and blunt damage) and stab attacks (which deal piercing damage). To change the direction of your attack, move the mouse left, right, up, or down after holding down [Left Mouse Button].


  • Perform a quick strike by pressing [Left Mouse Button]. To cancel a swing and strike from another direction, hold down the [Left Mouse Button] and press [E]. To maximize damage, strike with either the blade or the head of your weapon. If you’re too close or don’t position your weapon properly, you’ll strike with the handle and deal less damage.


Mortal Online 2: The Ultimate Guide to Combat Fundamentals


  • Using a weapon improves your skill with it, which increases the damage you deal. Clicking to attack is fast but deals minimal damage. To deal 100% damage, charge your attack by holding down [Left Mouse Button] and releasing it after the on-screen circle fills up. If you keep holding [Left Mouse Button] after the circle fills, you’ll perform an overcharged attack dealing 120% damage.


  • Combo strikes require only a second of charging. If you block in the right direction just before an attack lands, you can counter-attack. This “riposte” move doesn’t need chargingโ€”simply point your cursor and press attack.



How to Block

  • Block by holding down the [Right Mouse Button], aiming with the mouse after you start holding it. Block in the correct direction when hit by an attack to minimize damage. For instance, if your opponent performs a right attack, block left before the attack hits.


Mortal Online 2: The Ultimate Guide to Combat Fundamentals


  • Carry bandages and potions if you plan to flee from a fight, since stamina regeneration won’t start while walking if your HP is at 60% or lower.



How to Parry

  • To parry, block in the right direction just before the attack hits you. A successful parry will produce sparks on your weapon and reduce almost all incoming damage. After parrying, counter-attack by clicking [Left Mouse Button]. Counter-attacks are faster than normal attacks, don’t need charging, and deal significant damage.


  • Tip: Stay relatively still during fights to better read your opponent’s moves.



How to Regain Health

  • Regain health using potions, magic, or bandages, but the most common method is to rest. Press [L] to open the skill window, and then click the resting icon to use your resting skill. As you train the resting skill, the amount of health you gain from it increases.


  • Opening the UI enters mouse mode. To regain control over your character and hide the mouse, press [ESC] to close the window.


Mortal Online 2: The Ultimate Guide to Combat Fundamentals



How to Resurrect your Character

  • To resurrect, look for red beams of light in the sky and head towards the closest one until you reach the priest. Target a priest and hold [R] to resurrect.




  • You can choose to teleport to the nearest priest or your currently selected home priest within your character window [C].


  • Once resurrected, return to your grave and locate your loot bag. Your personal loot bag will glow red, making it easy to find. Keep in mind that while you’re on Haven, your items are safe from other players.




Building combat muscle memory in Mortal Online 2 is no simple feat. The game is distinct from others, and its intricate nature may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, mastering the controls is a rewarding accomplishment that unlocks a world of in-game possibilities. We hope you found this guide helpful. Check out our other guides on crafting, alchemy, and domestication if you’re interested.


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