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Mortal Online 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Mortal Online 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Mastering Mortal Online 2 requires patience, practice, and persistence, none of which are possible without first knowing the controls. Every in-game skill, starting from combat to domestication, has layers of complexity. The learning curve is steep, but the vibrant world that awaits you is worth the effort. Take your first step towards exploring MO2 by learning the basic PC control layout. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls


Interact R
Toggle Cursor Mode Z
Push-To-Talk T
Take Screenshot F9




Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Right D
Sprint Left Shift
Jump Space Bar
Walk/Feint Left Ctrl
Toggle Autorun Num Lock




Draw Weapon X
Attack Left Mouse Button
Block Right Mouse Button
Thrust Attack Left Alt
Overhead Attack V
Cast Last Spell Q
Self-Cast Last Spell E




Inventory I
Character Sheet C
Skills Window L
Spellbook Window U
Pet Window P
Social Window O
Journal Window J
Inventory and Character Tab
Open Map M
Open Chat Enter
Close Last Opened Window Escape
Hide UI F10



Object Placement

Rotate Object Clockwise Mouse Wheel Up
Rotate Object Counter-Clockwise Mouse Wheel Down
Raise Object Shift + Mouse Wheel Up
Lower Object Shift + Mouse Wheel Down


Some find the additional movement options a bit tedious. But in the eyes of a veteran MMORPG player, it’s just another way of experiencing the dream world. If youโ€™ve found this guide helpful, feel free to check out our crafting and alchemy guides on Mortal Online 2. And if you have anything to add to our list of guides, mention it in the comments below. Until next time. Happy Gaming!


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