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Mortal Online 2 – How to Leave Haven

Mortal Online 2 - How to Leave Haven

Tutorials are a crucial part of the gaming experience, but not so much when you’re trapped inside of one. Given how complicated the game is, the developers decided to create a tutorial zone for players to learn the ropes before leaving the nest and venture out independently. Although their hearts were in the right place, their execution, not so much.



How to Leave Haven

New players often find it frustrating to figure out how to leave the tutorial area, and this guide will teach you exactly how to do that. You can also check out our other Mortal Online 2 guides here.


  • Open the map and zoom in to get a closer look at the town.


  • Not all the locations on the map are accurate, but that’s not relevant since your destination is perfectly mapped out.


  • Go to the center of the map, right at the intersection of the Weapon Vendor, Bank, and Herbologium.


  • There should be two tents set up in the middle.


  • Go to the center of the map and stand in the middle while facing towards the north.


  • The Haven Mentor should be in the northwest direction and facing towards you.


  • There should also be a ramp directly in front of you, with the Priest standing to the northeast and facing you.


  • While facing north, look towards the west and start walking.


  • After walking a few steps, you’ll notice an array of boxes and a small stone pathway towards your right (north).


  • Take a right and keep walking until you reach two statues.


Mortal Online 2 - How to Leave Haven


  • Both statues are hooded and hold a big plate in front of them.


  • The left statue takes you to another ‘Haven Instance’, which is like a different server/room, but it’s still the tutorial.


  • The right statue takes you to Myrland, where your journey begins.


  • Hold ‘R’ to travel to Myrland.


  • The system will let you know if there is a queue.


  • You can carry a maximum of 6 items from Haven into Myrland.


  • Items that are equipped, bound, or placed in inventory slots can only be brought back to the other side.


  • You’ll be able to select your spawn location. They are Meduli, Tindrem, Bakti, Morin Khur, Toxai Fabernum, and Hyllsepia.


  • Move items from your inventory to the designated slots.


  • Finally, click on ‘Travel’ to [location].



Parting thoughts

Surviving in the wild is not easy, especially since you lose all of your gear if you die. To better your chances of survival, read our Mortal Online 2 beginner tips and tricks guide. While you’re at it, you might as well read our Mortal Online 2 combat guide so that you can fend off potential attackers.


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