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Mortal Online 2: Complete Crafting Guide

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Crafting was, still is, and will be one of the most crucial aspects of any MMORPG. The excitement of combining materials to discover unique and fascinating items is a major draw for the genre, and the creators of Mortal Online 2 have done a fantastic job in this aspect. The intricacy of the Crafting system is both impressive and daunting, and this guide lays out the basics in the most straightforward manner. You can also find more Mortal Online 2 guides here as well.



Crafting Guide

Basic Crafting Steps:

  • Gather Materials


  • Bring them to Town


  • Refine (if necessary)


  • Refine further


  • Create gear




  • Oghmir and Humans are the top choices for crafting classes in Mortal Online 2.


  • Oghmirs have higher intelligence and enjoy special crafting-related perks. With their elevated intelligence stat, Oghmirs receive additional skill points for many crafting skills, essentially giving them more points to allocate towards Primary skills.


  • Humans, on the other hand, get extra bonuses that aid them in lore and various crafting skills. They also have a balanced distribution of attribute points.




  • Mages possess high intelligence, making them the ideal class for crafting.


  • Most mid-to-late-game crafting materials and books are not accessible in Haven. You’ll need to venture into the world to find them.



Skills and Materials:

  • In addition to other resources, every animal and zombie you kill drops carcasses, with the most common being the Walking Dead Carcass.


  • The carcass is quite heavy in its original form. By butchering the item, you reduce its weight and acquire new skills in the process.


  • These skills can be viewed in your skills menu.


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  • As you improve your lore, you’ll receive more materials from butchering.


  • Your efficiency in crafting will improve as you develop these skills.


  • Butchering items on a Butcher Table yield more items and lore.


  • Repeatedly butchering the same item on the table grants additional items and faster lore acquisition.


  • You can cook the carcasses via the skills menu to gain more lore.




  • Place the items obtained from cutting trees into the Crusher to extract their materials.


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  • If possible, purchase a catalyst to enhance the yield of your refinement process.


  • Refinement is percentage-based and varies depending on the catalyst in use. Experiment with different catalysts to determine which provides the highest yield during refinement.


How to Make Steel in Mortal Online 2


  • Some items must be further broken down in the Furnace to become usable. This is considered an advanced skill, so you’ll need to learn Furnace Operation from a Tutor.


  • Thermal Appliances is a prerequisite for learning Furnace Operation (the skill that enables you to use the Furnace).


  • Visit the Extraction Librarian to learn a wide range of new skills.



Extraction Furnace:

  • After mastering Furnace Operation, you can utilize the Extraction Furnace to melt materials down to their base forms.


  • Some materials will be unusable due to insufficient knowledge, so you’ll need to learn about them first. Continue gathering Lore from books to expand the range of materials you can work with.


  • For instance, you won’t be able to use Blood Ore when you first encounter it in-game because you lack the necessary knowledge. To use Blood Ore, you’ll have to visit the Librarian and learn Material Mineralogy.


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Crafting Items/Gear:

  • Not all weapons are available from the start.


  • Visit the Librarian to learn about various Weapon Crafting techniques.


Mortal Online 2: Complete Crafting Guide


  • Leveling Weapon Crafting can be a grind, so create low-tier gear frequently to boost your level; solely reading Books isn’t the most efficient method for skill leveling.


  • Crafting a weapon requires multiple materials. For example, crafting a sword necessitates a core, grip, and head material.


  • Different components serve various purposes, so experiment with them to create your desired weapon.


  • Craft higher-quality weapons by increasing your Material Lore in any skill. Weapons crafted at higher skill levels are more potent and durable.


  • Similar to weapons, armor is also craftable.


  • To craft armor, you’ll need to gather the appropriate materials and learn the necessary skills, which can also be obtained from the Librarian. Like with Weapon Crafting, leveling Armor Crafting can be a grind. Make sure to consistently craft low-tier armor to raise your skill level and become more proficient at creating higher-quality gear.


  • As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more advanced crafting recipes for weapons, armor, and other items. Don’t forget to visit the Librarian to learn new skills and expand your crafting knowledge.


  • Lastly, experimentation is key when it comes to crafting. Trying out different combinations of materials, catalysts, and techniques will help you create unique and powerful gear tailored to your playstyle. So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and explore the vast crafting possibilities in Mortal Online 2.


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