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Mortal Online 2 Empire Building Guide: Territory Control Buildings & Village Builds

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As you explore the fascinating world of Nave, your mission is to establish a flourishing and powerful kingdom by leveraging diverse building options & strategies. This guide will support you in unraveling the complexities of the Territory Control system and provide you with the expertise to construct a thriving village in Mortal Online 2.



Understanding the Territory Control System

Territory Control Overview

The Territory Control system allows players to claim land, build structures, and defend their territory from other players. Territory can be claimed through the construction of keeps, strongholds, or houses. The size of your territory depends on the type of building used to claim it, with strongholds offering the largest area of influence.



Claiming Territory

To claim territory, begin by constructing a house, stronghold, or keep. Smaller houses will provide a smaller area of influence, while strongholds will offer a much larger area. Once the building is complete, you can establish your guild’s kingdom and begin expanding your territory.



Building Your Village

Selecting Building Types

There are several types of buildings available to construct within your territory:


Residential buildings: Houses and strongholds


Production buildings: Farms, blacksmiths, and tanneries


Defensive buildings: Guard towers and watchtowers


Service buildings: Market stalls, banks, and temples


Consider the needs of your village when selecting which buildings to construct.



Building Tiers and Upgrades

Buildings are divided into tiers, with higher-tier buildings offering more functions, services, or NPCs to hire. Upgrading a building will provide additional benefits, such as increased durability or additional services.



Placement and Design

Carefully plan the layout of your village to maximize efficiency and defend against potential threats. Place guard towers and watchtowers strategically to provide a line of sight and protection for your village. Utilize chokepoints and natural terrain features to your advantage when designing your village layout.



Managing Your Village

Hiring NPCs and Guards

NPCs can be hired to perform various tasks within your village, such as working at market stalls, farms, or blacksmiths. Guards can be hired to protect your village from threats. Ensure that you pay your NPCs and guards their upkeep fees to keep them working.



Supply & Demand

To keep your village functioning efficiently, you must manage the supply and demand of goods and services. Supply runs might be necessary to transport goods between cities or to supply your own vendors.



Defending Your Village

Utilize guard towers, watchtowers, and strategically placed buildings to defend your village from threats. Equip your guards with appropriate gear and weaponry to ensure they can effectively defend your territory. Manage guard schedules to ensure adequate protection during periods of high risk or when your guild members are offline.



Expanding and Upgrading Your Empire

Acquiring New Territory

As your empire grows, you may wish to expand your territory by constructing additional keeps, strongholds, or houses. Keep in mind that each additional building will require more resources, upkeep, and management.



Upgrading Buildings

Upgrade your buildings to higher tiers to gain additional benefits, such as increased durability or additional services. Plan your upgrades strategically to ensure you have the necessary resources and can maintain the increased upkeep costs.



Forming Alliances and Diplomacy

Building Alliances

Establishing alliances with other guilds or players can provide mutual benefits and protection. Allies can provide resources, trade, and military support during times of conflict. Establishing strong diplomatic relationships can help you expand your empire and maintain stability within your territory.



Managing Diplomacy

Regular communication with your allies is crucial to maintaining strong diplomatic ties. Discuss strategies, share resources, and coordinate military efforts when necessary. Be prepared to negotiate and compromise when dealing with potential conflicts between allies.



Advanced Strategies and Tips

Economy and Trade

Establish a strong economy within your village by focusing on resource production and trade. Set up trade routes between your village and other cities or trading hubs to maximize profits and resource acquisition. Utilize market stalls within your village to promote trade and create a bustling marketplace.



Military Prowess

Focus on building a strong military force to protect your territory and expand your empire. Ensure that your guards and military personnel are well-equipped and well-trained. Conduct regular training exercises and drills to maintain your military’s combat readiness.



Village and Empire Specialization

Consider specializing your village in specific areas, such as resource production, crafting, or military might. Specialized villages can become known for their expertise, attracting more traders and visitors. An empire composed of specialized villages can become a formidable force, with each village contributing its unique strengths to the overall success of the kingdom.


With a firm grasp of the Territory Control system, the intricacies of village building, and strategies for empire expansion, you’re now equipped to build a thriving and powerful kingdom in Mortal Online 2. Remember to carefully plan your village layout, manage your resources efficiently, and establish strong diplomatic relationships with your allies. As your empire grows, continue to adapt and refine your strategies to face the challenges that await you in the world of Nave.


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