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GRID Legends Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips to Get You Started

GRID Legends Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips to Get You Started

Codemasters‘ newest rubber-burning, ultra-competitive racing game is GRID Legends, and it might just be the best GRID game to date. In it, they are introducing a “Driven to Glory” mode, which is a live-action story with real actors that captures the action and drama of GRID’s racing world. If you’ve never played a GRID game, this is a great place to start, and in this beginner’s guide, I will present you with a few tips to make sure you can grow to race with the best of them. Buckle up and hit the gas; let’s get started!



  1. Get Started On The Right Foot

GRID Legends opens up with the brand new, lavishly produced Driven to Glory mode. This mode dumps you into a powerful supercar, and expects you to know how to wield its power like a master racer. While you should experience the Driven to Glory mode, the initial races may not be terribly friendly to new racers, and even off-putting to some. That’s why I recommend that after the required prologue race for Driven to Glory, you jump into the Rookie Ginetta Cup. This is a set of events that are fun but not overly difficult, and are all raced in the very welcoming Ginetta G40 GT. This car isn’t overpowered and has great traction, making it a great starter vehicle to begin your GRID journey and build the necessary skills.



  1. Get Some Assistance

If you’re new to racing games, GRID Legends has many accessibility features that can make the game fun for racers of any skill level. To access these features, all you need to do is pause the game, go to options, then gameplay, and then open the difficulty menu. Here, you will find a host of options including assists like ABS, Traction Control, and Stability Control, as well as options for turning on the racing line and changing the enemy racer’s AI difficulty. If you’re finding the game to be a little difficult, there’s no shame in activating any or even all of these features; they’re here to allow anyone to have a great time with GRID Legends.


GRID Legends Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips to Get You Started



  1. Don’t Forget Career Mode

As I previously mentioned, the game opens up with the Driven to Glory prologue race. But, even after the credits roll and you’ve experienced all of the drama and action of that story, there is still a lot more game to be played! In addition to Driven to Glory, GRID Legends has a full career mode that features over 250 events that cover all kinds of scenarios with many different vehicles. Completing a set of events will unlock progressively faster and more competitive ones, so make sure to keep your skills sharp!



  1. Watch Your Back

As you race through GRID Legends, you will inevitably bump and trade paint with other cars. If this occasionally happens on accident and you avoid it happening whenever you can, you shouldn’t have an issue. But, if you adopt a more aggressive racing style where you’re constantly bumping your opponents, you will develop enemies thanks to GRID’s Nemesis System. The Nemesis System is a returning feature from the previous GRID game, in which an enemy racer will target you and try to take you down if you’re overly aggressive towards them. It’s difficult to shake a nemesis once you have one, but you do have the option to have teammates try to protect you from your nemesis with a skill tree unlock, but you should be careful on the road either way. Unless you like danger, that is.


GRID Legends Beginner's Guide: 5 Tips to Get You Started



  1. You Can Turn Back Time

Part of GRID Legend’s accessibility features is the ability to use Flashback. This handy feature allows you to rewind your actions at any point in a race with just the press of a button. This feature is very helpful when a miscalculation sends you careening into a wall, or when you’re trying to master a corner on a particularly difficult track. Also, when you’re a GRID racing pro, you can continue to use Flashback to study parts of a track without constantly reloading, making Flashback a feature useful for new racers and veterans alike.


I hope that you will keep these tips in mind when you embark on your GRID Legends journey. The game can be difficult, but through a combination of accessibility options and time spent in the game, you can be a racing pro in no time! Just make sure to use all of the features available in the game, and you will become a GRID Legend yourself.


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