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How to Play GRID Legends with Friends

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How Do I Play Multiplayer?

Do you want to organize a race with some of your friends? Here’s how to play GRID Legends with your friends in multiplayer mode.


  • When you first launch GRID Legends, the game will walk you through some initial setup steps, such as adjusting the brightness, selecting your audio settings, and connecting your game to an EA account for online play. You need to link your game to an EA Account to host or join a multiplayer session.


  • To do so, go to the Options menu and select Gameplay, Online, and EA Account Management from the drop-down menu. Sign in to your EA Account on the next screen. If you’ve already linked an EA Account to your Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam account, sign in to that account to keep all your games together.


  • You can link your account later from the Options menu if you continue instead of linking your account.


  • You can play GRID Legends online with your friends in two ways. Participating in a race organized by a friend or organizing your own. Select their name from your friend list and then choose Hop In to join a race in which one of your friends is competing. If there is a spot available, you will be thrown right into their race.


  • If you’re hosting a game, make sure your Host Privacy is set to Public if you want to play against everyone or Private if you only want to play against the people you invited.


  • Follow these steps to increase or decrease the number of players who can join a session you’re hosting;


-Go to Options.


-Select Gameplay.


-Select the Online tab.


-Select the Host Session Type you prefer:


Co-op: You and one other player


Open: You and up to 21 other players (AI fills in any empty slots)


Teams: You and up to ten other players (each player has an AI teammate)


  • That’s all you need to know to play Grid Legends with your friends. If you think we missed something, please feel free to comment. Happy Gaming.


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