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How to Play GRID Legends with Friends

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Looking to Hit the Track with Friends? Here’s Your Guide to GRID Legends Multiplayer!


So, you’re itching to put the pedal to the metal and race alongside your pals? Let’s dive into how you can enjoy GRID Legends with your friends in multiplayer mode.


Upon firing up GRID Legends for the first time, you’ll be guided through a few initial setup steps, like tweaking the brightness, choosing your audio preferences, and linking your game to an EA account for online action. To host or join a multiplayer session, you’ve gotta connect your game to an EA Account.


  • To get that done, head to the Options menu and pick Gameplay, Online, and EA Account Management from the dropdown list. On the following screen, sign in to your EA Account. If you’ve already hooked up an EA Account to your Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam account, use that account to keep your gaming collection under one roof.


  • No worries if you opt to skip the account linking for now โ€“ you can always circle back to it later via the Options menu.


  • There are a couple of ways to enjoy GRID Legends online with your friends: either joining a friend’s race or hosting your own. To hop into a race with a friend, simply select their name from your friend list and hit Hop In. If there’s an open spot, you’ll be tossed right into the action!


  • When hosting a game, double-check your Host Privacy settings โ€“ go Public if you’re down to race against anyone, or keep it Private if you’re only keen on racing against your invited guests.


  • To tweak the number of players who can join a session you’re hosting, follow these steps:


  • Head to Options.


  • Choose Gameplay.


  • Click on the Online tab.


  • Pick the Host Session Type that suits you best:


Co-op: You and a buddy


Open: You and up to 21 other players (AI fills any empty slots)


Teams: You and up to ten other players (each player gets an AI teammate)


That’s the lowdown on playing GRID Legends with your friends! If you reckon we’ve overlooked something, drop a comment below.


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