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Mortal Online 2: Emotes Guide

Mortal Online 2: Emotes Guide

Emotes allow you to add a bit of sign language to your gameplay, perform animations to make yourself look cool, or taunt enemies in the middle of a battle. Here’s a guide to the Mortal Online 2 emote system.




Emotes are a great way to express yourself to the other players, especially if you enjoy the role-playing aspects of the game.


To use an emote, type /emote followed by the emote’s name, as shown below:



Emote CommandEmote

  • Bow


  • Chestbump


  • Clap


  • ClapLong


  • CrackKnuckles


  • CrossArms


  • DedicateLong


  • Flex


  • FlipOff


  • Hopak


  • PraiseTheSun


  • PraiseTheSunLong


  • Saltarello


  • Salute


  • SaluteLong


  • SignHello


  • SignMeet


  • SignName


  • SnapFinger


  • Squat


  • Stretch


  • Threaten


  • ThumbsDown


  • ThumbsUp


  • Wave


Mortal Online 2 emotes are always entertaining, and you can really surprise your friends if you use some of the lesser-known emotes. Until next time. Happy Gaming.


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