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Mortal Online 2: Emotes Guide

Mortal Online 2: Emotes Guide

Emotes give you the chance to incorporate some non-verbal communication into your gaming experience, execute stylish animations to show off, or tease opponents during combat. Check out this guide for the lowdown on Mortal Online 2’s emote system.


To bust out an emote, simply type /emote followed by the emote’s moniker, as demonstrated below:




Emote CommandEmote

  • Bow


  • Chestbump


  • Clap


  • ClapLong


  • CrackKnuckles


  • CrossArms


  • DedicateLong


  • Flex


  • FlipOff


  • Hopak


  • PraiseTheSun


  • PraiseTheSunLong


  • Saltarello


  • Salute


  • SaluteLong


  • SignHello


  • SignMeet


  • SignName


  • SnapFinger


  • Squat


  • Stretch


  • Threaten


  • ThumbsDown


  • ThumbsUp


  • Wave


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