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Mortal Online 2 Necromancy Guide

MO2 Minions and Dead Servants

Necromancy is a formidable and distinct magical class in Mortal Online 2, enabling you to conjure up undead servants, cast mighty spells, and conduct sinister rituals. This guide offers a comprehensive look at the necromancy class, its assorted abilities, and advice on mastering this enigmatic art.



Getting Started with Necromancy in Mortal Online 2

To begin your necromancer journey in Mortal Online 2, find a Necromancy mentor who can teach you the ropes. After picking up the vital skills & tools, you’ll be all set to hone your craft and delve into the diverse spells and abilities waiting for you.



Resource Collection

As a Necromancer, you’ll need to amass various resources to carry out dark rituals and raise your minions. Key resources include:


  • Carcasses: Acquired by defeating creatures in the game world.


  • Ritual candles: Necessary for powering your rituals, these can be crafted or found in specific locations.


  • Mystical artifacts: Rare items that can be used to enhance your rituals & minions.



Necromancy Abilities

Necromancy in Mortal Online 2 can be categorized into three primary areas: swift summons, spellcasting, and rituals. Each category possesses a unique set of abilities and serves different functions in the game.



Swift Summons

Swift summons enable necromancers to instantaneously summon various undead minions, such as walkers, greater walkers, and dead rangers. These minions can be used to assault foes, shield the necromancer, or execute other tasks. The power and abilities of your summoned minions will hinge on your necromancer’s intellect and skill level.




Spellcasting is the chief method of offense & defense for necromancers. There’s a wide array of spells accessible to necromancers, each with unique effects and strategic benefits. A few examples of spells include:


  • Backbone: Connects the necromancer to a summoned minion, distributing damage between them.


  • Mental Leech (Mana Drain): Saps mana from enemy mages, diminishing their spellcasting ability.


  • Benumb Mind: Disrupts the target’s focus, reducing mana regeneration and blocking creatures from using magic.


  • Crawling Hands: Relocates all loot in an area around you closer to the target.


  • Blind: Impairs the vision of enemies.


  • Atrophy: Fills the target’s lungs with dark smoke, decreasing stamina regeneration and reducing creature movement speed.


  • Sacrificial Eruption: All undead under your control around the target will detonate and deal damage.




Rituals represent a more advanced form of necromancy, enabling you to create formidable undead minions through a series of steps and processes. These rituals require various tools, items, and knowledge to perform, making them a more intricate and time-consuming aspect of necromancy.


Managing Undead Minions: As a necromancer in Mortal Online 2, you must effectively manage your undead minions to ensure they fulfill your objectives. This involves commanding them to attack specific targets, sacrificing them for various effects, and maintaining control over them.


Leveling up as a Necromancer: As you progress in your necromancy expertise, you’ll gain new abilities and enhance the ones you already have. This will let you call forth mightier minions, unleash more potent spells, and perform intricate rituals.


Necromancy for PvP and PvE: Necromancy shines in both PvP and PvE settings, providing a wide array of tactical choices and skills to suit various playstyles.


Limitations and Drawbacks: Although necromancy provides many benefits, it also comes with certain limitations and drawbacks. For instance, undead minions are not permitted in cities, and maintaining control over multiple powerful minions can be resource-intensive, depleting your mana.



Tips for Mastering Necromancy

  • Experiment with various spells and abilities to discover those that best align with your playstyle.


  • Strike a balance between attack & defense: Necromancers possess powerful minions and debuffs, but they can be vulnerable when caught off guard. Make sure you’re prepared for anything by maintaining a balance between your attacking and defending capabilities.


  • Multitasking minions: As you advance in Necromancy, you’ll gain the knack for managing multiple minions simultaneously.


  • Explore synergies with other magic schools: Necromancy alone packs a punch, but blending it with other schools of magic unlocks even more potent combos. Mix and match abilities from various magical disciplines to uncover synergies that enhance your Necromancy prowess.


  • Stay alert for elusive artifacts: In Necromancy, crafting or casting some of the most powerful minions and spells calls for rare artifacts. Stay on the lookout for these items, as they can significantly boost your abilities and give you an advantage during fights.


  • Ace your battle placement: To get the most out of your minions and spells, it’s crucial to master positioning in combat. Make sure to deploy your minions tactically to guard you and confront your foes, while also keeping yourself out of harm’s way and commanding the battlefield.


  • Invest in passive skills and abilities: Passive skills and abilities can greatly enhance your Necromancy prowess, making your minions more powerful or improving your casting abilities. Be sure to invest in these passive skills as you progress to further strengthen your Necromancer.


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