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How to Get Shooting Badges Fast on NBA 2K23

How to Get Shooting Badges Fast on NBA 2K23

Shooting badges offer a significant advantage. A slight boost can be the deciding factor in a game. However, getting your hands on powerful badges is tough work. There are a few tips that can quicken the process, but for the most part, you’ll have to use some elbow grease, so you’d better find a way to enjoy it.




  • You need badge points to unlock badges, and you get them by repeating the activity, which in this case is shooting.


  • Compared to 2K22, shooting is much more difficult in 2K23, especially since two key badges, Sniper and Set Shooter, have been removed from the game.


  • You’re better off playing 12-minute quarters, sometimes even 6 minutes, to maximize gameplay time while minimizing interruptions.


  • Also set the game difficulty to Pro so that the opponent is strong but still within your limits.


  • Change shot timing to Real Player Percent so that, at the time of the shot, your player’s overall attributes are considered and not the actual timing of the shot.


  • Finally, adjust the controller settings so that the Shot Meter is set to Off or Free Throw only, which gives you an extra boost.


  • To score 3-pointers consistently, go to the wing and immediately do a Fake Pass followed by a Triple Threat. Once the defender backs up, take the shot. You can score upwards of twenty 3-pointers in a 6-minute game if you time them correctly. 


  • DO NOT go into a Takeover because it will force the opponent to double team your shooter. If you want to learn more shooting techniques try reading the rest of our NBA 2K23 guides.


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