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NBA 2K23 – All Shooting Badges Guide

NBA 2K23 - All Shooting Badges Guide

Shooting badges provide a significant boost to your players. Not only do they increase the consistency of scoring points, they also let you wiggle through defenders without causing too many mistakes. The guide contains all the old and new NBA 2K23 badges that are in the game.


However, you should note that you need a good foundation in order to take full advantage of the badges. Unless you have a good repertoire of moves under your belt and know how to use them properly, the badges will become ineffective. Here are a few NBA 2K23 guides that’ll help you bolster your move set.




This is a list of all the new shooting badges that are coming to NBA 2K23:


  • AGENT 3 – Lets shooters score 3 point shots off the dribble.


  • MIDDY MAGICIAN – Makes you better at knocking down mid-range jumpers out of post or off the bounce.


  • AMPED – Reduces penalties associated with shooting attributes, especially when you’re moving excessively before shooting or when fatigued.


  • CLAYMORE – Boosts a spot up shooter’s ability to knock down shoot and catch jumpers. Their chances of being knocked down increases the longer they remain stationary before a shot.


  • HAND DOWN MAN DOWN – Increases the deadliness of an outside shooter if the opponent fails to block them or get a hand in their face.


  • SPACE CREATOR – This was a playmaking badge but shifted to shooting in NBA 2K23. It causes defenders to stumble more often. Also, stepback jumpers and hop shots have a higher chance of getting hit.


  • LIMITLESS RANGE – It’s an old badge that’s returning to NBA 2K23. Any shot attempts from the deep 3 point range become more effective.




Here is a list of all the badges that were already in the game:


  • BLINDERS – Players suffer fewer penalties during jump shots, especially when the defender is trying to close out their peripheral vision. Players are also unfazed when defenders are approaching them from the sides.


  • CATCH & SHOOT – Shots made immediately after a catch have a higher chance of going through. Receivers also receive a significant boost in their shooting attributes for a short while after receiving a pass.


  • CIRCUS THREES – Stepback threes receive a significant boost. Stepback threes that are taken off the dribble also receive a boost.


  • CLUTCH SHOOTER – Shots during clutch moments have an increased percentage of being knocked off. Shot attempts that occur during any overtime period or during the final moments of the 4th quarter receive a significant boost.


  • CORNER SPECIALIST – Gives a boost to shots taken near the corner. Deep mid-range or 3PT shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost, whether it is off the dribble or off a catch. 


  • DEADEYE – Reduces the impact of a closing defender. Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest. The effect applies to both mid-range and 3PT shots.


  • DIFFICULT SHOTS – Shots off dribble becomes much easier to shoot. High-difficulty jumpers also receive a shot percentage boost when executing spins, hop steps, stepbacks, and pull-ups.


  • FADE ACE – Enhances the ability to shoot post fades. Post fadeaways receive a shot boost taken from, no matter the distance you’re shooting it from.


  • GREEN MACHINE – Consecutive excellent releases receive an increased bonus. The badge also grants an additional shot boost on achieving consecutive excellent releases on jump shots.


  • ZONE HUNTER – Players shooting from their favorite shots receive a shot percentage boost. The same applies to hot zones. Players shooting from hot zones also receive a boost.


  • RHYTHM SHOOTER – The shot taken after breaking a defender is greatly improved. After sizing up an opponent with dribble moves, you receive an increased chance of a made shot.


  • SLIPPERY OFF-BALL – Improves a player’s ability to get open off the ball. The player can navigate through traffic more effectively, especially when attempting to get open off screens.


  • STOP & POP – After dribbling, stand-still three-pointers receive a boost to their shot ratings.


  • VOLUME SHOOTER – Grants a shot percentage boost based on the number of shot attempts taken throughout the game. After you have taken a couple of shots, each subsequent shot receives an additional boost to the shot attributes. It doesn’t matter if the shot is a hit or a miss. You are guaranteed to get the boost.


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