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NBA 2K23: How to Get Steals

NBA 2K23: How to Steal The Ball

In NBA 2K23, stealing the ball from other players is difficult but not impossible. Good anticipation, speed, and quick reflexes are required for ball theft, all of which are common characteristics of good defenders. However, steals, like blocked shots, are not always an accurate indicator of a player’s defensive abilities. Attempting to steal is a risk, because a failed steal can put a defender out of position and unable to recover in time, allowing the offense to score.



How to Steal the Ball in NBA 2K23

Simply press the square button on the Playstation or the X button on the Xbox to grab the ball and try to knock it out of your opponent’s hands. It’s important to note that pressing the right button at the right time increases your chances of successfully stealing. Keep an eye on your opponent’s movements and try to steal the ball only when other players aren’t touching it, such as when they’re dribbling.


You should also be prepared to intercept off-ball passes. Stay far enough away from the pass to make it appear available, but close enough to step into the passing lane when the passer begins to move to pass you. Steals, though risky, can pay off greatly because they often trigger a fast break for the defensive team.


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