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How to Do a Floater in NBA 2K23

How to Do a Floater in NBA 2K23

Floaters are similar to trick shots. Executed correctly, the opponent will not have any opportunity to guard against it. However, it’s hard to execute since you have to be very precise with the positioning. The defender might get used to floaters if you use it too often, so it’s best to keep a few moves under your belt that you can quickly transition to once you’re sure the opponent is expecting the obvious.


We have several NBA 2K23 guides that will let you add more moves to your collection and help you become the player you were meant to be.




  • The floater is an effective move but it’s viable in some specific situations.


  • The goal of a floater is to reduce the chances of you getting blocked by a defender. By launching the ball from near the ground level, the player protecting the paint has no time to respond.


  • It puts intense pressure on the defender and opens up opportunities for you and your offense. Even if it misses, there is lots of follow-up potential.


  • The floater is especially dangerous in the middle lane. Take James Harden who is a defender’s greatest nightmare. Thanks to his lethal perimeter shooting, he is easily able to get past the initial defender and downhill.




  • Point the Left Stick towards the basket in order to Drive In on it.


  • If you want to run fast, you can hold RT or R2, just make sure to let go of it before making the shot.


  • As you approach the basket, hold the Right Stick down (opposite the direction of the basket).


  • If you are using RT or R2 to run fast but do not release it, you will end up performing a dunk instead of a floater.




  • Timing a floater can be very difficult. You must be close enough to prevent a fade away or step back. You must also be far enough from the player to prevent a layup attempt.


  • High momentum players can execute a floater much more easily than low momentum ones. The key to landing a floater consistently is to time your shots exactly near the free-throw line. Too soon or too early and you’ll miss the window of opportunity. It’s all about muscle memory. The more you practice, the better you get.


  • The Right Stick also affects the course and success of your floaters. The best way to get the most out of the float is to make good use of it with the pick and roll. 


  • Since you are in charge of the ball, you will have to track both defenders before deciding on your next course of action. When you are using the pick, remember to leave room for the defender to intervene your advance.


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