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NBA 2K23: What’s the Cap Breaker

NBA 2K23: What’s the Cap Breaker

Cap breakers make your players more powerful. They are level caps that grant you bonus attributes/stats once you fill up the experience bar associated with a specific cap breaker. Let’s take a look at them in further detail.




  • The initial level cap for all NBA players is 85. Once you reach that level, you’ll have to unlock cap breakers with MyPlayer points to progress further towards level 99.


  • You get MyPlayer points by playing games in Playground, MyCareer, Rec-modes and Pro-Am.


  • Each level may contain 1 to 3 cap breakers. Once you reach level 85, you’ll have to fill in the progress bar 1 to 3 times to move onto the next level. 


  • Each cap breaker unlocks new attributes that make your player more powerful. The attributes are unlocked at random and you can equip them from the MyPlayer menu.




  • The quickest way to grind cap breakers is by running 12-minute games and participating in practice games after the matchups.


  • To maximize points earned from shots, start with a pick and roll, step back and shoot a three pointer. You can score upwards of 60k MyPlayer points each game and another 15k from practice matches.


Though getting more attributes from cap breakers is great, you’ll need a lot more to become a better player. Learning and mastering new moves helps, but you’ll also need to strengthen your fundamentals, especially with all the new changes in the current gen. Learn more about the game from the rest of your NBA 2K23 guides.


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