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NBA 2K23: How to Give-and-Go

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The give-and-go is a classic basketball pass. Although the opponent can see it coming from a mile away, the move can get you a few quick points in the right situation. It isn’t all that difficult to execute, and you can learn to do it easily by following the steps below.




  • The give-and-go is also called the pass and cut. In this strategy, the ball handler passes the ball to a teammate and then cuts directly to the basket, preferably to an open spot. 


  • The teammate then passes the ball back to the previous ball handler, who proceeds to shoot the ball, or even dunk it if they are close enough to the basket.


  • Press and hold A on your Xbox One Series X|S or X on your PS4 & PS5 to pass the ball to a teammate.


  • While you’re still holding A/X, use the Left Stick to move the initial passer closer to the basket.


  • When the initial handler is in position, release A/X when to pass the ball.


  • You can do a dunk, alley-oop or even shoot the ball from a distance. You can even pass the ball to another player if there is too much heat on your handler. A bounce pass is quite handy in such situations. 


There are a lot of variations you can do with this move, which makes it so powerful. Even if the opponent sees you coming, you can do a simple fake pass to completely throw them off guard and score with ease. It’s one of the best moves in the game and mastering it will help you win more matches in NBA 2K23.


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