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TOP 5 Upcoming Games for Baldur’s Gate Fans (2022 & 2023)

TOP 5 Upcoming Games for Baldur's Gate Fans (2022 & 2023)

In 1998, the legendary RPG developer Bioware brought the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign to the PC with the Baldur’s Gate series. These classic CRPGs have echoed through time as one of the most highly revered role-playing games of all time, and have undergone numerous ports, remakes, and sequels.


If you are old enough to have enjoyed those games upon their original release, or even the Enhanced Editions that came out in 2012 and 2013, then you know that Baldur’s Gate is where you go for intricately written characters and stories as well as fantastic settings and action. With Baldur’s Gate III still in development with no real release date attached to it, CRPG fans will need to look elsewhere to get their fix. Thankfully, the genre is absolutely bursting with excellent options, some of which you’ll find on this list of the Top 5 Upcoming Games for Baldur’s Gate Fans (2022 & 2023). If you’re ready for some old-school RPG action, then select your party members, and let’s get started!



  1. Dark Envoy

The world of Jaan is on the brink of war. The Old Races, magical beings with complete control over the energies of Jaan, are now being challenged by Humans, a relatively new race that has harnessed that same magic for use in their own technology. This blasphemous act is the powder keg that Dark Envoy is built upon. As Malakai and Kaela, sibling relic hunters, you will need to navigate Jaan as well as the deep political conflict along the way in your adventures. Event Horizon’s Dark Envoy promises intense tactical combat based around party mechanics and a non-linear story along with impressive graphics to tie everything together. As far as modern Baldur’s Gate games go, Dark Envoy is an easy pick, and it should be available sometime in 2022.




  1. Broken Roads

If classic fantasy settings aren’t your thing, Broken Roads by Drop Bear Bytes has a more unique setting for a narrative-based RPG. In an Australian post-apocalyptic setting, you will explore the wastelands and engage with the remaining survivors of this world. The Moral Compass, Broken Road’s novel morality system, alters quests, interactions, and character development based on your actions and dialogue choices. Classic, party-based tactical combat is backed up with a mix of new and traditional RPG mechanics to keep things interesting. As if that wasn’t enough, the dense world of Broken Roads was created using hand-drawn art to create a painterly aesthetic that is unique in the genre. Broken Roads is scheduled to release in 2022.




  1. Project Witchstone

Spearhead Games, the creators of Stories: The Path of Destinies and Omensight, have a new game on the way. Project Witchstone, a tabletop RPG simulator that places the focus squarely on reactivity and interactivity, is the studio’s latest attempt to capture the magic and thrill of playing a pen & paper RPG. Each NPC in the game is a unique person, with their own personality, likes, and dislikes. Befriending or making enemies of the people around you will alter the flow of the game’s story, and probably make some things more difficult for you depending on who you offend. You can also use this same system to pit characters against each other and watch the battle rage on from afar. In Project Witchstone, you are only limited by your imagination. The game does not currently have a release date yet, but the team is hard at work developing it.




  1. The Iron Oath

Curious Panda Games has recently released The Iron Oath into Steam Early Access. While this is not yet the full version, you are able to purchase and play it while development on the game continues. Experience the turn-based tactical combat, difficult decisions, and party management of The Iron Oath to see how special this game will be in its final release. It takes place in the world of Caelum, a constantly evolving land that will continue to offer you new storylines and quests as you progress through the game. As the leader of a band of mercenaries, it is your job to lead them in combat as well as manage their needs in between missions. The Iron Oath is currently scheduled to be completed in 2023.




  1. Shadow of the Road

Shadow of the Road by Another Angle Games looks to be another RPG with a wholly interesting and unique setting. Instead of a fantasy world or the post-apocalypse, this game takes place in an alternate timeline Feudal Japan, where magic and technology have collided. Test your turn-based tactics on both ethereal yokai and steampunk technological monstrosities in a story that will determine the fate of an entire Empire. Shadow of the Road does not currently have a solid release date but is expected sometime in 2023.



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