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TOP 5 New Upcoming RTS Games for Fans of Command and Conquer (2022 and Beyond)

TOP 5 New Upcoming RTS Games for Fans of Command and Conquer (2022 and Beyond)

For fans of the RTS genre, sometimes many months might pass before a notable new release is in our hands. Command and Conquer, arguably the crown jewel in the RTS genre, hasnโ€™t seen a full-numbered release since 2010!


The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection was released back in 2020, but that was just an updated version of the first two games. So, while we continue the excruciating wait for a brand new Command and Conquer, here is a list of 5 upcoming RTS games that just might scratch that Command and conquer itch. Organize your units, plan several steps ahead, and letโ€™s get started!



  1. Crossfire: Legion

Crossfire: Legion takes place in the highly popular Crossfire FPS universe, and will have you leading huge armies into battle to prevent the complete collapse of a society that is already crumbling in intense RTS engagements.


Battles will take place in novel locations like bayous, high on top of skyscrapers, and military bases fully fortified and designed to keep everything out. In addition to the compelling story mode, the game also features competitive online multiplayer that is season-based. You can even review past battles using the replay system to improve your tactics for the upcoming season.



If you arenโ€™t up to competing, join a friend in co-op scenarios against enemy AI. However you choose to play Crossfire: Legion, youโ€™re in for pulse-pounding RTS action. It is currently available on Steam Early Access, and its full release is scheduled for Spring 2022.



  1. Starship Troopers – Terran Command

Big guns, bigger bugs. If youโ€™ve ever seen the Starship Troopers movies, you know how gnarly things can get when youโ€™re facing down a wave of violent alien bugs. Now, you can experience that terror and dread from the comfort of your own home with Starship Troopers – Terran Command.


As the leader of the Mobile Infantry, it is your job to retake the mining planet of Kwalasha from the Arachnid menace. Use dozens of different unit types and expert tactics to outsmart the bugs, who have you outnumbered by orders of magnitude. Expand your base of operations to strengthen your hold on the planet and unlock new weapons to use in the fight. Transport soldiers to different parts of the planet with a fleet of dropships that you will manage.



If you canโ€™t stop the Arachnids, then there is no hope for Kwalasha. Get ready to stomp some bugs when Starship Troopers – Terran Command drops on June 16th for PC via Steam.



  1. Rogue Command

If you love the deep strategy of RTS games but also enjoy the high stakes and excitement of roguelikes, then Rogue Command is the game for you. It combines classic RTS gameplay with a roguelike deckbuilding mechanic that adds an extra layer of thought and strategy. Upon each restart, you will select one of several blueprints, which will provide you with cards that can provide you with better weapons, new constructions, or stronger units.



Finding the synergies that work the best will be key to unlocking Rogue Commandโ€™s full potential. The environment itself can also be a weapon for you or the enemy. Hazards can wipe out entire units, and even powerups can be found hidden throughout the play area if you look closely enough.


Rogue Command is already in a playable state through Steam Early Access, but it is currently scheduled to be fully released sometime in 2023.



  1. Moduwar

Moduwar is an RTS like youโ€™ve never seen before. In it, you will play as a massive creature called Modu that has the unique ability to split and merge itself to form different RTS units. The single-player campaign will have you exploring and trying to survive the alien planet of Arkadia, a world full of water and terrifying creatures.



To survive Arkadia, you’ll need to grow in strength. Thankfully, Modu is able to do just that, reserving tiles outward from its body and allowing new pieces of itself to grow there. Expansion will bring you more strength and better abilities to deal with the threats of Arkadia.


Play against other Modus in online PvP multiplayer for up to four players. Modu is currently available in Steam Early Access and is scheduled to be released in Q2 2022.



  1. Killbot General

Experience all of the emotions that an RTS can bring out in you through action-packed 6-minute battles! Killbot General is an RTS that features roguelike elements, procedurally generated engagements, and treacherous terrains.


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This highly-customizable tactics game focuses more on strategy than managing individual units and supplies. Thereโ€™s no time to waste when you only have 6 minutes on the clock! Show your enemies the depths of your tactical knowledge when Killbot General launches sometime in 2023.


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