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TOP 5 Upcoming Games for Fans of Might and Magic RPGs

TOP 5 Upcoming Games for Fans of Might and Magic RPGs

If you’re a fan of current CRPGs like the Shadowrun series, Pillars of Eternity, or even Disco Elysium, but you’ve never heard of Might and Magic, then you’re going to get a little history lesson right now. The Might and Magic series of games are considered to be the progenitor for the entire CRPG genre, with the first game released all the way back in 1986 for the Apple II computer. Sequels were steadily released in the ensuing decades, and the most recent release was Might and Magic X: Legacy in 2014. The series’ signature first-person exploration gameplay mixed with tactical turn-based combat is a potent combination that many games still use today.


In any Might and Magic game, you won’t be a lone adventurer. Each game puts you in charge of a party of characters who can be from all different backgrounds, classes, and specializations. If you currently enjoy the games in the CRPG genre, or if you’re an old fan of classic Might and Magic games, then you’ll be happy to know that games are currently in development using that style of gameplay. You’ll find some of them on this list of the Top 5 Upcoming Games for Fans of Might and Magic RPGs.



  1. Legendary Journeys

Legendary Journeys from Blind Monkey Games is a game that thrives on classic visuals and gameplay. The game centers on a party of adventurers who are tasked with a quest to reclaim four pieces of The Eye of Baal in order to free a person who has been magically imprisoned. However, everything may not be what it seems, and a dying man’s words might take on new meaning by the end of this nonlinear journey. Create your party of four characters from races that include Human, Elf, Half-Elf, and more. Assign one of 10 classes to each character, and then you decide how their skills develop over time. Legendary Journeys is currently available in Steam Early Access with no set release date.




  1. Archquest

Pseudodragon Studios’ Archquest is another retro-styled CRPG. In a narrative inspired by Pool of Radiance, you’ll gather up a party and explore the city of Evertide. Use tactical turn-based combat in third-person to fight back the monsters who have begun invading the city, and make your way to the mysteries hidden below. This game features an advanced conversation system that allows players to engage in diplomacy, deception, or intimidation with the various NPCs you’ll encounter, which will change the flow of the story and the path your characters will take. Archquest does not currently have a release date.




  1. Archaelund

4 Dimension Games’ Archaelund is a classic CRPG with modern trappings and features. In the titular land of Archaelund, you will explore man’s last frontier across a huge open-world map in first-person. Explore the many dungeons of this land and engage in top-down, tactical turn-based combat against all kinds of monsters and creatures. The game’s career-based progression system will allow each member of your party to grow from a lowly peasant into a valiant knight or powerful battlemage depending on how you guide them. Archaelund is currently available in Steam Early Access and is scheduled to be released later this year.




  1. Aledorn

Aledorn is a hardcore CRPG dungeon crawler made by fans of the genre at NoEZ Games. As the name of the studio implies, their games are challenging and will not hold your hand, and Aledorn is no different. Instead of a massive open world with nothing (or too much) to do, the developers have decided to focus on creating a handful of extremely memorable locations and connect them with an interesting travel system that allows for the exploration of secret locations. Aledorn’s combat is also tactical and turn-based but takes place from an isometric perspective to give you a better look at the action. Like other games in the genre, you’ll also make the other characters in your party and customize their race and class. Aledorn is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022.




  1. The Fellowship Saga

Almkaz Games’ The Fellowship Saga is a party-based RPG that uses the rules of D&D 5th Edition to create an epic, memorable adventure. The game takes place in the kingdom of Falone and puts you at the head of a party of 5 warriors, which you can customize with 12 classes and 9 races. Use teamwork and synergies between all of your members to overcome turn-based combat encounters against the malicious inhabitants of Falone. The Fellowship Saga does not currently have a release date.



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