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5 Best Games for Phasmophobia Fans in 2022

5 Best Games for Phasmophobia Fans in 2022

If you’re an amateur ghost hunter, a Ghostbusters enthusiast, or just a fan of the paranormal in general, you’ve probably played Phasmophobia. The game took the PC gaming world by storm when it was released in 2020, and continues to bring new players in with improvements and additions. However, if you’ve put hundreds of hours into Phasmophobia, you may be starting to get tired of the game’s signature formula. Thankfully, Phasmophobia’s huge success has given rise to an entire genre of other games that are attempting to give players that same kind of feeling.


If you’re looking for the next best thing after a Phasmophobia career, you’ll find a few on this list of the 5 Best Games for Phasmophobia Fans in 2022. When you’re ready to bust some ghosts, pick up your ghost hunting equipment, and let’s get started!



  1. Chupacabra: Night Hunt

Developed and published by MrFatcat, Chupacabra: Night Hunt is another asymmetrical multiplayer game where a group of humans take on a mysterious entity. In this case, however, that entity is a chupacabra, a creature from Latin mythology that is known for eating both people and animals. Up to 5 players will hunt down a chupacabra, which can either be played by another player or an AI. Use clues to track it down, and procure weapons on sight to put down the vicious creature before it can eat you or your team. Watch each other’s back, because the chupacabra strikes without warning.




  1. Ghost Exorcism Inc

This next game is one of the closest to the Phasmophobia experience you will get. Created and published by StudioGoupil, Ghost Exorcism Inc will have up to 6 exorcists enter a location that is being haunted by a malicious spirit, and task them with first identifying it, and then exorcising it from the building, releasing the spirit into the great beyond. These entities will not play nice with you and will become especially aggressive when you begin the ritual to release them, so be careful and watch out for your team. Completing objectives successfully will earn you money and experience, which will, in turn, allow you to obtain better equipment. Having the best equipment at your disposal will be critical in making it through each exorcism alive.




  1. Devour

Devour from Straight Back Games is a horror game like the others on this list, but it is also way, way scarier as well. It is a co-op game for 1-4 players, who will be tasked with finding items to complete a ritual that will break the spell that has been placed on a group of cultists. The problem is, those cultists are on the same maps as you, and they are all terrifying manifestations of evil. No two cultists are the same, and their designs will be burned into your eyes and keep you up at night. If you’re looking for a super scary game to play with your friends, then Devour is probably it for you.




  1. GTFO

This co-op horror game from 10 Chambers is called GTFO, and that means exactly what you think it does. You’ll play as part of a squad that gets dropped into underground research facilities that are crawling with horrifying abominations called Sleepers. The Sleepers are named so because they are unconscious until a loud noise or unsuspecting adventurer bumps into one. When one Sleeper is awake, they are ALL awake, which will make completing your objectives and extracting very difficult. Perfect teamwork and strategy will be the only way to make it out alive, not unlike a match of Phasmophobia.




  1. The Blackout Club

With the release of the newest season of Stranger Things, The Blackout Club looks like a great game to play. Developed and published by Question, The Blackout Club stars a Stranger Things-like group of children who need to solve a mysterious event that occurs in their neighborhood every night. Up to 4 players will be dropped into a procedurally generated neighborhood, and each one will need to be assigned a specific task to complete that will work towards a unified goal. Each objective will not be completed easily, as each of the children will need to contend with their sleepwalking neighbors who now patrol important areas, as well as an invisible threat that will chase them down and kill them. Use your cunning and an arsenal of gadgets like noisemakers to gain an advantage on the patrols and make your way to the objective. No two runs will be the same, and there is always a new threat around the corner.



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