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TOP 5 Upcoming Strategy Games of 2022

Top 5 Upcoming Strategy Games of 2022

Contrary to belief, video games teach us a lot about ourselves and improve us on the inside. They help us accept barriers since we have to struggle to develop the skills to improve in them. And they help relieve stress and anxiety since weโ€™re going to choose fun and challenging games.


Strategy games create better decision-makers since players repeatedly form plans, learn from mistakes, and analyze actions. Lucky for all, 2022 is looking like a good year for gamers, and there will be plenty of strategy games to try out. In this blog, youโ€™ll see five titles that are coming soon in no particular order.



Total War: Warhammer III

Warhammer III is a single and multiplayer, real-time tactical strategy wargame developed by Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive. ย Itโ€™s the third game in the series, and there are some pretty exciting improvements lined up, like the campaign maps being twice as large as before or the โ€˜Combined Mapโ€™ made from the maps of previous Total War games.



The developers have added some new features to battle, and one of those additions is a hotkey designed to help players avoid overlooking or forgetting units on the battlefield. Pressing โ€˜\โ€™ will cycle through any idle units while โ€˜Ctrl + \โ€™ will select all not engaged. One new feature geared towards the gameโ€™s readability is an improved foliage culling distance, making it easier to see enemies in densely forested areas and maps. The second is a change that highlights enemy obstacles through objects with a red outline.


MOD support is confirmed, and there are six playable factions –ย  Kislev, Cathay, the daemonic Khorne, the sorcerous Tzeentch, the diseased Nurgle, and the hedonistic Slaanesh. Total War: Warhammer III will be published by Feral Interactive and SEGA to Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems on February 17th, 2022.



Manor Lords

Manor Lords is a Multi and single-player Early Access strategy game created by Slavic Magic. It is a city simulator centered in the past, as every building is inspired by historical references from 11th to 15th-century Europe. Players begin with a medieval village and, over time, develop it into a rich and powerful city. In this organic city-builder, players have complete control over the placement and rotation of buildings. But there are tools to help with consistent placement, and players should consider terrain and trade routes when forming the layout of their settlement. The game will go into detail about what players will have to do to maintain their medieval domain.



Players will have to deal with war, disease, and famine that can lead to the downfall of a village. Combat will feature more realistic aspects such as morale, fatigue, weather and equipment affecting your troops, and large-scale battles. The game will leave a mark on you with its level of realism and detail. The developers use motion capture, so the art feels authentic and immersive, photogrammetry improves visual fidelity, and destruction simulations allow for detailed visuals when a structure explodes. There isnโ€™t a release date for Manor Lords besides 2022. And Slavic Magic will also be publishing it to Microsoft Windows.



Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 is a real-time multiplayer strategy game developed by Blackbird Interactive. Itโ€™s a space game focused on using your Mothership to create fleets of ships, gather resources, grow stronger, and defeat your opponents. The battles will also be real-time and in 3D, like the rest of the homeworld series.



Not much is known about Homeworld 3 or its story. But the new Railway Frigate unit shoots high-energy, long-range munitions that can penetrate the enemy shipโ€™s hull. Although Gearbox software has fully funded homeworld 3, the community was still invited to back the game by crowdfunding through the fig platform so they can be involved in the gameโ€™s development from start to finish. After 19 years since the release of Homeworld 2, the community is still very present and eager for the gameโ€™s release.


The Developers have also promised to add more strategic options to the game, like using your environment to your advantage. Homeworld 3 is being published by Gearbox Software and Gearbox Publishing for the PC in December of 2022



Diplomacy Is Not An Option

Diplomacy Is Not An Option is a single-player indie strategy game in early access developed by Door 407. You play as a medieval Feudal lord in a midlife crisis that feels his life is boring and meaningless. But hordes of enemies, monsters, and rioting peasants are soon coming to bring purpose and excitement back into his life.



There are also powerful magic abilities in the game that give the players the ability to call down laser beams from the sky, summon dark knights from the heavens, and what seems to be a meteor. DINAO is geared more towards fun as it takes a simpler approach to its gameplay by avoiding the cultural and political aspects that many strategy games have.


Diplomacy functions more like a tower defense instead of a real-time strategy game. And its low polygon art style allows players to have heaping amounts of soldiers on-screen. Diplomacy Is Not An Option will be published by Door 407 for the PC on January 26th, 2022



Company Of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is an upcoming turn-based real-time action strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment. Releasing 8 years after Company of heroes 2, the world war 2 game is back with players taking control of the Allied Forces during the invasion of North Africa and Italy.



In the single-player and character-driven campaign, COH3 introduces a new tactical pause feature that allows players to stop the game and give or update orders to their units before continuing. The tactical pause system solves the confusion and panic players may feel when the battle gets hectic and hard to keep up with.


There is also more focus on infantry with the new Breaching action that allows infantry to kick down the door of an occupied structure and kill or remove anyone inside. The game will have the biggest single-player campaign and roster in the franchiseโ€™s history. Company of Heroes 3 will be published by Sega for PC players at an unknown date in late 2022.


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