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TOP 5 Upcoming PS5 Games of 2022

Top 5 Upcoming PS5 Games of 2022

It can be hard to decide which games to save on your wishlist with all the exciting titles planned to release next year. But lucky for you, this blog is like a small pool of exciting titles to narrow your focus. It feels like a gut punch when you read the description of a game only to find out at the end that it’s not available on your play system. So every game on this list is coming to the PlayStation 5, and some are even exclusive to the console.


This list is ordered from the earliest to the latest release date, and also there are no remastered or upgraded games on this list. They’re all brand new releases. The chosen games:



Elden Ring

Elden ring is a single, and multiplayer action and adventure role-playing game created by FromSoftware  Inc. George R.R. Martin co-writes Elden ring’s story, and it’s driven mainly by its characters. It follows the story of beings called the tarnished after they were banished from The Lands Between.



The game functions and looks like a dark souls game, but it has a few additions such as jumping, horse riding, an open-world map with single and multiplayer exploration, and Summon Spirits that aid players in battle. Summon Spirits are only available in single-player, and they can only be called upon by using an item called Ashes of the Deceased. And in a demo for the game, the player summoned a mob of bandit spirits, and they held down an enemy while the player shot arrows at them.


Elden ring will be published by FromSoftware Inc and BANDAI NAMCO on February 25th, 2022. The game will be available for all Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as Microsoft Windows. Elden ring has also won The Game Award For Most Anticipated Game.



Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Kill the Justice League is a single and multiplayer action and adventure fighting game created by Rocksteady Studios. Somehow, Brainiac has taken control of the Justice League and is using them to aid him in conquering the earth, and the Suicide Squad is the last line of defense.



You’ll fight members of the justice league one by one as you progress through the game. And by how they’re presented in the trailers, the Justice League looks powerful compared to how they’re depicted in other games. Some evil heroes seen are Green lantern, The flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. But while the game flaunts the Justice League as its villains, the true antagonist of the story is Brainiac.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Xbox series X/S, Microsoft windows, and the Playstation 5 sometime in 2022.



Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight suns is a single-player tactical role-playing adventure game created by Firaxis and Virtuos. It’s a turn-based strategy game from the creators of XCOM and features a new battle system that rewards clever thinking.


The game’s main villain is an ancient and mighty godly woman who can corrupt any superhero or villain in the marvel universe with a single touch. She also commands the Lilan, her corrupted army of powerful beings and creatures called the fallen. You’ll fight plenty of superheroes and villains that she has corrupted that she has bent to her will.



The main character, called the Hunter, is an entirely customizable and original hero in the marvel universe. The Hunter is also the daughter of Lilith daughter, who still actively loves her daughter despite them hating her. This story explores the darker side of marvel and will feature heroes like Iron Man, Blade, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and many more.


2K Games will publish Marvel’s Midnight Suns in March 2022 for all Xbox and Playstation consoles, Microsoft Windows, and the Nintendo Switch.



God of war: Ragnarök

Ragnarök is a single-player action and adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio and will be the last addition to the Norse series. The game follows Kratos and his son Atreus (who is now a teen) three years after the previous story, as they search for answers to understand Atreus’ role in the approaching Ragnarok (the end of the world).



The game will feature more mystical locations and enemies to face as they travel across the now nine available realms. Thor and Freya are seeking vengeance against Kratos for killing each of their sons in the previous game. Kratos will have more customization options, as he can be seen with different types of armor and shields in the trailers.


Combat is also getting a game-changing addition in the form of a grappling hook for Kratos. He can use this grapple to pull himself to ledges and enemies. As a result of this new feature, combat will now be vertical instead of flat planes. God of War: Ragnorak is the last addition to the Norse series, and Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish the game in 2022 as a PlayStation exclusive.




Stray is a Single-player platform, puzzle, and adventure game created by BlueTwelve Studio. The game follows the cutest little stray cat, named Ha, through a dystopian world of robots looking for a way back to his family. Along his journey, he meets a robot named B12 that becomes his companion, who translates the robot language and stores items for Ha.



B12 also works as Ha’s primary defense against the Zurks that attack in swarms on sight. There are chase scenes in the game where Ha will have to outrun the Zurks while using the environment to aid him. The game is focused on atmosphere, exploration, and its beautiful artwork.


The robots don’t seem to find the player a threat and will even interact with Ha, and they have different personalities. Annapurna Interactive will publish stray 2022 for Playstations 4 & 5, as well as Microsoft Windows. The game is a third-person adventure game. It has open-world elements, with a focus on atmosphere, exploration, and art. The player controls a stray cat who falls into a world populated by robots and ventures to return to his family.


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