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F1 22 Career Mode: 5 Tips to Guide You to Victory

F1 22 Career Mode: 5 Tips to Guide You to Victory

The F1 series of video games have strived to provide the most realistic Formula One experience possible in every iteration. Codemasters’ expertise in the realm of motor vehicles has allowed this goal to be attained on every release, with intricate details and deep systems present in every single game. F1 22 in particular has some really impressive features. The actual lineup of 20 drivers across 10 teams from the real-life Formula One 2022 season, advanced multiplayer features, and even the new Hot Laps mode that allows you to use different supercars on the track are all present.


But, perhaps the biggest inclusion in F1 22 is the returning My Team Career Mode. This immersive game mode has you building up a Formula One team from the ground up into a force to be reckoned with. Be a part of every decision, from liveries up through car development and racer recruiting.


This mode provides incredible value, but its many options and depth can be a bit overwhelming for new players. In this guide, you will find a few tips to help you tackle My Team Career Mode and make the best team Formula One has ever known.



  1. Set Priorities for Upgrades

As you work your way through My Team, you’ll build up currency you can use to upgrade many aspects of your team. These upgrades will go a long way towards becoming a top team, so don’t ignore them.


There are a few areas you should focus on upgrading at the start: the weight reduction of your vehicle’s chassis, Drag reduction, and ERS. The first point, weight reduction, is critically important.


F1 22 Career Mode: 5 Tips to Guide You to Victory


The real Formula One teams are constantly striving toward lighter cars, and in the game, your default car is much heavier when compared to the AI cars. Working to lighten that load will make your team faster.


Decreasing drag is also important, as being able to cut through the wind force will save on fuel and energy, and also allow you to go faster. The ERS (Energy Recovery System) will seem ineffective early on, but it is a critical part of managing a fully-upgraded car. So grabbing those upgrades early will allow for a smoother transition into the ultimate vehicle.



  1. Don’t Ignore Your Teammate

You will have an AI-controlled teammate in My Career Mode. At first, you might think you can ignore them for the most part since you’ll be pulling most of the weight, but this would be a mistake. In later races, you will need your teammate to perform as well as you to clear certain challenges.


One major part of your teammate you’ll need to keep track of is their Focus. You might have the best-rated teammate in the league, but if their focus is below a certain threshold, they’re going to perform poorly. This is because their Focus determines how much of their potential they can use in a race.


Another way to make sure your teammate is always at their best is to look into the Personnel HQ. This is a place where you can upgrade certain things to keep your teammate progressing and in shape.



  1. Don’t Skip Through The Interview Questions

At the beginning of the mode, you will have an interview with Will Buxton, the real-life Formula One presenter. This interview serves as a great intro to the mode, but it also has another, more specific function.


F1 22 Career Mode: 5 Tips to Guide You to Victory


You will be given dialogue choices during this interview. If you try to skip through them and ignore the questions, you might be setting up your team to start in a position that isn’t optimal. This is because all of the questions being asked are actually the setup for your new team.


So sit through the interview, listen carefully, and answer the questions in a way that you think will set you up for success.



  1. Make Use of the Quick Practice Mini-Games

The quick practice mini-games present in the My Team Career Mode are a great way to get consistent R&D throughout a season. R&D is what unlocks upgrades for your car, so it is very important to make sure that R&D is being consistently performed. Getting those unlocks early will save you time later on, so try to do as many of those mini-games as you can.



  1. Don’t Bottleneck Yourself

When completing upgrades, try to spread them out in a way that doesn’t cause one area to hold back another. You shouldn’t have one aspect of your car upgraded so much that it makes another expensive upgrade you just bought unusable or not worth the cost.


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