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TOP 6 Secret Apex Legends Tips You Should Know

TOP 6 Secret Apex Legends Tips You Should Know

Apex Legends was released in February of 2019. Since then, it has been one of the most dominant competitive FPS games in the industry, keeping up with the likes of both Valorant and Call of Duty Warzone. In games that are highly skill-based and competitive, it will inevitably be difficult for new players to break into the game and make a name for themselves. While it is extremely difficult and maybe even discouraging, it is definitely not impossible. With some patience, practice, and guidance, even a totally new player can climb the leaderboards of any game, including Apex Legends.


If you’re a new Apex player looking to climb their way to the top, you’ll find some helpful hints in this list of the Top 6 Secret Apex Legends Tips You Should Know. When you’re ready to be the last man standing, procure your weapons, and let’s get started!



  1. Beware of Aim Punch

Like most FPS games, suffering enough damage that your shields break will result in an effect called aim punch. This is the jerking motion that occurs when you take any extra damage after your shields are depleted. With most weapons, aim punch makes it next to impossible to land any worthwhile shots. Your best bet will be to try to escape and recharge your shields, or hip fire enough to make the enemy retreat. You’ll deal with aim punch at any level of play, whether you’re a novice or a professional. The only way to avoid it is to try to not get hit.



  1. Prioritize Shields Over Health

For the reason stated above, you should always prioritize recharging your shields over recovering your health. Shields charge faster, and full shields mean you won’t have to deal with aim punch. If you have full health and no shields, you’ll be at a disadvantage in more ways than one. Health is important too, but in the heated combat you’ll experience in Apex Legends, you often won’t have time to heal properly.



  1. All Ammo Types Slow The Same

There are a few different ammo types in Apex Legends. You’ll quickly become acquainted with all of them, and you’ll notice something every other time you are hit. Every 3 seconds, it is possible for a bullet that hits you to slow you down by 10% for a quarter of a second. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re in a heated match and you speed hiccups like that, you’ll feel it, and it might cost you a life. It’s important to know that each type of ammo causes the same amount of slow, so no ammo type is superior in this regard.


TOP 6 Secret Apex Legends Tips You Should Know



  1. Pay Attention to The Storm Circle

In every match, you will be avoiding a deadly storm while you contend with other players. If you last till the end of the match, that storm circle will become incredibly small, forcing all of the players into a tiny area. When you are outside of the circle, it will flash on your mini-map, and when you are inside it will not. In high-level play, this can be used to make quick decisions on what is a viable course of action and what might get you killed.



  1. Armor Reshielding

In Apex Legends, recharging your shields is done by using a shield battery, which is a depletable item. Once it is used up, you will need to find another one to charge your shields. However, if you make your way over to a supply point and decide to upgrade your shields with whatever points you have earned, then that upgraded armor will have its shields fully charged when it is equipped. This can save you some shield battery while increasing your defenses simultaneously.



  1. Deadly Animations

Every time you pick up a weapon, a unique animation will play. It is important to know that if you pick up a weapon and immediately holster it, that animation will still play the next time you pull it out, and the animation is not cancellable. So, if you holster a weapon in a hurry and get caught in a face-off when you pull out that new weapon you will be shot down because you won’t be able to retaliate while the animation plays. For this reason, it is wise to just let the animation play out completely before you holster a weapon. Being impatient in the beginning has cost a bunch of great players entire matches, so don’t be one of them!


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