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11 Pro Tips For Life is Strange 3: True Colors You Need to Know

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Released last month, Life is Strange 3: True Colors is a decision-based story game where your actions have consequences. In this guide, we’ll go over some helpful hints and tips to help you progress in the game.


  • Sadly, a difficulty option isn’t available in this game. But don’t fear! Go to the accessibilities tab in the main menu; you will be presented with the following options to make the game easier:


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  • Life is Strange True Colors comes with minigames such as the Arkanoid arcade game. One instruction isn’t clearly explained when playing Arkanoid—once you receive the Red L Powerup, make sure to press X. You will then launch rockets that destroy bricks easier than the ball.


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  • Have you missed any collectibles or in-game text messages and emails? Worried you must reload or start a new playthrough to obtain them? Don’t.


Go to the main menu and select the chapters tab. There you will find each scene in the game that you can replay. Going back to the scenes this way will not affect any decisions you made in your playthrough, and you can collect anything you missed.




  • Want more entertaining journal content to read up on? When you pull up the inventory, go to the memories tab. You will find a diagram with no further instructions. However, navigate with the left stick or d-pad, and you will uncover memories to inspect by pressing X.


Alex’s journal entries will be related to each memory—now you know the purpose of ‘memories’ that you collected in the game!




  • Make sure to take a break from the main storyline and explore the whole of Haven Springs. You’ll be able to gather backstory on the town and locals.


Also, the map has random encounter events where you take part in small activities to earn collectibles.


  • There are multiple aura colors in the game to signal different emotions of characters. In cutscenes, an aura color will appear from a character without telling you what emotion the color represents. Make sure to memorize what each aura stands for to find out how a character felt in a cutscene; then, you will better understand how to approach them afterward.




  • When facing the final boss in LARP combat, summon the following moves each turn:


The Scroll of Advantage – Offering you an additional turn


Burning Blade – Passively damages an enemy with fire when it’s their turn


You won’t need to waste turns on heals when bombarding the boss with this move set. When enemy health is low, use the one-time scrolls to finish the boss faster instead of keeping to the initial move set.




  • You can skip having to battle Ryan when he LARPS as a troll and snake if you acquire the following items:


Troll Dust – Located at Steph’s Shop


Ophidian Chime – Located at The Black Lantern


  • On the final scene of Chapter 3, make sure to browse all the files on the USB stick before selecting the RheaSchematic file—once this file is selected, you will be forced into a cutscene, and the scene will be over.




  • At the Spring Festival, the quickest way to guess the correct answer to the ‘how many jellybeans are in a jar contest is to pick the following prompts in order when opening dialogue with the Jelly Bean Lady:


Answer’ 800.’


Read Jelly Bean Lady’s mind


Answer’ 700.’


Read Jelly Bean Lady’s mind


Answer’ 732′


No need to waste time with random guesses!


  • In the first scene of Chapter 5, you will have to solve a puzzle in Dr. Lynn’s office. Before completing the puzzle, interact with the files & tapes for additional story content.


If you complete the puzzle first, you will not be able to access these items in the game and be forced into the next scene.


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