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Most Anticipated PS5 Titles Coming In 2022

Most Anticipated PS5 Titles Coming In 2022

When it comes to first-party exclusives, Sony Subscribers often hold high expectations. And that’s somewhat understandable. Besides, as a platform, PlayStation has always prided itself on the quality of its personal IPs.


Sure, the PS5 may lack the vast, value-for-money volume of past and current titles currently backing its competitor’s widely-celebrated Xbox Game Pass. Even so, it still has a significant selection of mouth-watering titles teetering on the 2022 horizon. But besides the visually mind-blowing Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart and the faithfully delivered Demon’s Souls Remake forming the current bulk of console exclusives, more broadly speaking, there are also several hugely promising third-party gems up for grabs. And, of course, a deliciously wholesome gamut of gaming goodness waiting in the wings.


Those examples aside, however, anyone searching for outright exclusives need only gaze in anticipatory delight at the promising pipeline of upcoming triple-A titles. Namely, GhostWire: TokyoHorizon Forbidden West, and God of War: Ragnarok. Simply put, the future of gaming has officially arrived. What’s more, 2022 looks set to shatter our gaming expectations once again with spectacular displays of graphical fidelity and generation-defying gameplay innovations.


So here it is. Our list of unmissable PS5 Titles coming to you in 2022.



Ghostwire: Tokyo

There’s something strangely surreal and eerily unsettling about Bethesda Softwork’s upcoming action-adventure. Ghostwire places the player in a modern reimagining of Tokyo, featuring a series of iconic true-to-life locations shrouded in the mysterious mythos of Japanese folklore and legend.



After Tokyo’s population seemingly vanishes, strange spirits unfathomably inhabit their place. Armed with a powerful fusion of superhuman and elemental abilities, the player must solve the missing person case plaguing the population while keeping the city’s creepy spectral invaders at bay. If, for one can’t wait to play this one.



God of War Ragnarok

As far as console exclusives games go, they don’t get more massively anticipated than God of War Ragnarok. Like previous entries, players can expect the same sense of savagely visceral combat. However, this time around, expect entirely new jaw-dropping environments with an icier outlook and even deeper dives into legendary characters Thor and Tyr, faithfully reflective of the source material.



Of course, the compelling story remains front and center of the God of War experience. And plot wise, the sequel look set to further explore aspects of Kratos and Atreus’s heartwarming relationship, with the latter wiser to the ways of the world. All in all, I’m genuinely pumped for Ragnarok and can’t wait to get hands-on. Fingers crossed that day comes in 2022.



Elden Ring

Fair enough, it’s not a definitive console exclusive. Regardless, From Software’s latest high-fantasy offering is looking incredible. Not only that, but it’s also the first fully open-world experience to come from the illustrious studio.



Are you excited yet? Only somewhat? Well, what if I told you Elden Ring would involve a dizzyingly brutal batch of OP bosses to brush up against, immersive cooperative play inside an expansive open world, and an intriguing story collaboratively spun by George R.R.Martin and Miyazaki. It’s an emphatic yes from me. So, bring on January 21, 2022.



The Lord of The Rings | Gollum

Few franchises in the history of media hold the same staying power as Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. Teaming up with Build-A-Bear, this latest slice of Tolkien-inspired entertainment revolves around the endearing yet internally conflicted Gollum.



Right now, little is known about the game, which underwent a delay last year, other than its iconic Middle Earth setting. That said, as a story-centered, single-player experience, I’m excited to see the fruits of Build-A-Bear’s labor.




Ever wondered what cats get up to in the dead of night. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of experiencing a furry feline’s life through their eyes. Well, as luck would have it, Stray is right up your street. BlueTwelve Studio’s unique indie title allows players to live out that power fantasy in a strangely mysterious cyberpunk world seemingly occupied by robotic humanoids.



Mixing puzzle-solving and exploration with object interactivity, Stray looks like that relaxing walking simulator we never knew we needed. Set amidst a dazzling, neon-soaked city, I can’t wait to put my paws through their paces when Stray releases later next year. Aaaaaawww.



Hogwart’s Legacy

Do you like action RPG games? Of Course. Do you enjoy open-world experiences? Sure, I do. And most of all, are you a fan of the magically enchanting world of Harry Potter? Who isn’t? If you tick all those above boxes, like I, then Hogwart’s Legacy is bound to top your list of most-anticipated 2022 games. Allowing players to explore the iconic confounds of Hogwart’s castle, fans of previous games will be hoping for plenty of butterbeer, collectible beans, and robust wand-waving mechanics upon launch.



Fingers crossed it delivers the goods. Honorable mentions include Far: Changing Tides, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, and Goodbye Volcano High.


Let us know your top PS5 picks for 2022 in the comments.


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