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TOP 6 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2022

TOP 6 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2022

Pixel art has been ruling the indie game scene. There is something about hand-drawn sprites and pixel-based environments that sparks a feeling of nostalgia. Indie games also use pixel art because it is much easier to code for and implement than doing full 3D models and settings. But that’s not trying to take away from the hard work that these developers put in to create these beautiful games.


Depending on the dedication, pixel-based art can be quite stunning and leaves a lot up for someone to create their own style. As you will see in this list, there are plenty of pixel art indie games coming out that vary in art styles.



6. Replaced

Replaced is aย  2.5D sci-fi action platformer. You play as R.E.A.C.H., an AI that is trapped in a human body. Replaced features some of the smoothest and most impressive animations I have ever seen from a game with this particular art style. Set in a futuristic alternate 1980s America, Replaced is a cinematic action-platformer. Sad Cat Studios is developing this gorgeous title that is promising to be jam-packed with stylish free-flow combat and action. This game looks to be inspired by the Cyberpunk setting and the movie upgrade.



With Replaced coming out sometime this year on Xbox consoles and PC, players won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on this visually stunning title.



5. Songs of Conquest

Strategy role-playing games are rare these days, but Songs of Conquest could bring the genre back. Songs of Conquest is a base-building strategy game with some RPG elements added in. Lavapotion, the developers of Songs of Conquest, promises a deep combat system and valuable loot for the greater city and character customization. Songs of Conquest graphically looks like a love letter to 90s classics. If you are a fan of games like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics, then Song of Conquest might be the perfect game for you.



With an old-school pixel-art graphics style and a tactical combat system, Song of Conquest could bring back memories from the 90s. The game currently releases in the 2nd quarter of 2022 on PC.



4. Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes is inspired by games like Final Fantasy and other Japanese RPGs. It features a 16-bit art style from the SNES era, with a turn-based combat system and exploration similar to Final Fantasy and Pokรฉmon. However, Chained Echoes’ graphics are a bit more vibrant and cute than many other similar games. There is a lot for RPG fans to be excited about here. Chained Echoes will have approximately 20 hours of story quests and a complex equipment and skill system. Did I mention that you can also fight in Mechs? Well, you can do that too.



Chained Echoes is still early in development but still has a release window for this year. It will be released on PC, Switch, and PS4.



3. Bushiden

Bushiden is a fast-paced 2D action side-scroller with beautiful drawn old-school pixel art. Even if the player wasn’t controlling a ninja, it would be hard not to compare this game to the SNES Ninja Gaiden games with a bit of Mega Man. Bushiden’s story is simple, much like old-school games, defeat a diabolic enemy named Gaoh and his cybergenetic army. Players can learn powerful combat techniques to take out multiple enemies and face huge epic bosses to upgrade their character.



Bushiden will initially release on Switch, PC, and PS4. The developers are aiming to release the game this year.



2. Infernax

Infernax is a gory retro-style 2D side-scrolling Action RPG. The player takes control of a great knight. When he returns to his home, monsters and unholy magic currently plague the land. He will then go on a quest to destroy this evil. As you continue your quest, you will have to make plenty of decisions. These decisions can affect your character or the ending of the game. Infernax is a great example of a game that takes inspiration from old-school games like Castlevania and adds modern gameplay mechanics. From the trailers, while gory, the game looks to be a bit goofy and not to take itself too seriously.



Infernax will be released on all major consoles and PC on Valentine’s Day.



1. Lords of Exile

If there is one game on this list that takes almost all of its inspirations from Castlevania, it’s Lords of Exile. Squidbit Works is developing this 8-bit side-scrolling action platformer. Lords of Exile follows a cursed knight to defeat the darkness in the lands of Exilia. With the graphics style being 8-bit, this game will resonate with gamers who played during the NES era. Much like the classic, Lord of Exile is a linear experience with linear levels with bosses at the end of the levels. Sometimes going back to basics is a good thing. People just want a game to jump into and have fun without worrying about too many mechanics.



Lords of Exile is coming out this year on PC and Switch. Be on the lookout for this game to get your Castlevania fix.




Even though there are a lot of games with pixel-art graphics, this style choice helps games stand out. With a sense of nostalgia and gameplay with modern controls, these indie games offer something fresh and familiar that big game developers don’t take risks on. This list only includes a small amount of upcoming pixel art indie games, and there is plenty more to look forward to this year and the future.


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